The New BlackVue DR970X & DR770X Dash Cam Range

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BlackVue has released their latest and greatest range of Dash Cams.

In our opinion, the BlackVue DR970X & DR770X Dash Cam range is their most extensive and premium range they have produced to date.

The new DR970X & DR770X Dash Cam range offers a unit suitable for almost every type of driver on the road – both commercial and private drivers.

The new 2023 BlackVue Dash Cam range cements why BlackVue is one of the global leaders in Dash Cam design and functionality and why they have an enviable reputation as being one of the market leaders.

The release of the DR970X & DR770X Dash Cam range showcases the premium reputation of BlackVue and proves once again that BlackVue are at the forefront of Dash Cam technology and excellence.

The prestige, elegance and functionality you expect from BlackVue is maintained in their 2023 Dash Cam range, with inbuilt Wi-Fi, inbuilt GPS, 256GB storage capacity, 3-year Dash Cam warranty, cloud connectivity and one of the best Dash Cam designs.

You really cannot go wrong with a BlackVue Dash Cam.

The most notable upgrades of the BlackVue DR970X/770X Dash Cams from previous BlackVue models are:

  1. Updated Processor/CPU: thanks to the updated SigmaStar CPU and image signal processor tuning, overall image quality has been improved. Video quality is crisper and clearer with better highlight detail.
  2. Touch Sensor: the DR970X & DR770X standard models have a touch sensor on the side of the front camera. When tapped, a manual event file is created and kept in a special folder on the sd card for easy finding later on.
  3. 64GB BlackVue Micro SD card as standard: all BlackVue DR970X & DR770X Dash Cam models come with a 64GB BlackVue Micro SD card for the base price. The 64GB card might be the perfect memory capacity for most drivers so there might not be a need to upgrade it to a 128GB or 256GB size. Check the bottom of each of our BlackVue Dash Cam product page to see a table of Micro SD card size vs recording time.
  4. Brand new BOX style 3-channel models: Blackvue has developed a newer “BOX” type commercial Dash Cam system which steers away from their popular lipstick/barrel style design. The BlackVue DR770X-3CH BOX Dash Cams are the highly anticipated TRIPLE-CHANNEL Dash Cams, offering Australian fleets and rideshare drivers even more coverage and protection. The BlackVue DR770X-3CH BOX Dash Cam systems simultaneously record the front, rear and interior cabin of your vehicle. The 3 individual cameras run separately off the main box. The innovative lock-protected “box” style design prevents tampering of both the main unit and each individual camera. Access to the Micro SD card and all cable connectors is prevented.

Common Features across the new BlackVue DR970X/770X Dash Cam Range

  1. New image signal processor (ISP) tuning: the dynamic range and overall fidelity has been improved across the board through expert optimization of a new chipset. In simple terms: the image looks better, especially at night and in high-contrast scenes where most cameras struggle to preserve detail in highlights and dark areas.
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity: when next to your DR970/770X Dash Cam, the free BlackVue Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to view and transfer video footage wirelessly via the free BlackVue app. Dash Cam settings can also be changed via the BlackVue App.
  3. Seamless Pairing: BlackVue’s hassle-free way of connecting to your Dash Cam with the BlackVue App. Secure, yet without the need to enter passwords or scan QR codes.
  4. GPS logging: records location and speed data, which can be displayed on the video footage and on a map in the BlackVue app or BlackVue PC viewer.
  5. Native Parking Mode: when hardwired or connected to the BlackVue B-130X battery pack, the DR970X/770X Dash Cams monitor your vehicle when parked and automatically records any motion or impacts, all while protecting your vehicle’s battery thanks to the built-in voltage monitor. The BlackVue hardwire cable is included across the range, along with a cig lighter power cord for those customers who only want to record while driving.
  6. Event File Protection: preserve the last 50 important event videos at all times so you always have time to retrieve important footage without it getting overwritten.
  7. 256GB Capacity: all the new DR970X/770X model can take up-to a maximum 256GB genuine BlackVue Micro SD card.
  8. Adaptive Format-Free File Management: this BlackVue developed file system improves recording stability and requires less Micro SD card formatting.
  9. SD Card Failure Alert: To avoid recording issues, the BlackVue DR970X/770X Dash Cams let you know instantly (and continuously) if anything is wrong with the Micro SD card. You will hear a “Please check SD card” voice alert.
  10. Tamperproof: all DR970X/770X are capable of being tamperproof. Access to power cords and Micro SD cards can be restricted with optional tampercase accessories.
  11. Cloud compatibility: the BlackVue cloud add-on feature allows you to access and manage video footage remotely via the BlackVue Cloud service (requires CM100 modem, BYO SIM with data plan and free cloud subscription activation. Monthly cloud subscription required to unlock other features above the free account). For in depth details on the BlackVue cloud service click here.
  12. 3-Year BlackVue Dash Cam Warranty: Exclusive 3-year BlackVue manufacturer warranty. Any BlackVue DR970X/770X Dash Cam purchased from Dash Cam Australia qualifies for an exclusive 3-year BlackVue manufacturer warranty. After purchase, the BlackVue Dash Cam must be registered with BlackVue Australia for the exclusive 3-year camera warranty (accessories and Micro SD cards come with standard 12 month warranty). **Buyer beware of unauthorised BlackVue sellers who are not exclusive to the 3-year BlackVue warranty.


The BlackVue DR770X Dash Cam Series Highlights

(for in depth information, click on the model name to be taken to the product page)

DR770X-2CH: Popular dual channel model (front and rear recording) for standard cars/sedans. Dual 1080P FULL HD, dual Sony Starvis sensors, 60FPS front recording.

DR770X-1CH: Single channel (front recording). 1080P FULL HD, Sony Starvis sensor, 60FPS recording, rear camera port for rear camera add-on if desired.

DR770X-2CH [RIDESHARE]: Dual channel, 1080P FULL HD front and in-cabin recording of driver/cabin area, wide angle cabin view, dual Sony Starvis sensors.

DR770X-2CH [TRUCK]: Dual channel, 1080P FULL HD front and external rear recording, IP69K waterproof/rugged external rear camera, dual Sony Starvis sensors.

DR770X-3CH BOX: Triple channel, front/rear/incabin recording, triple 1080P FULL HD, triple Sony Stravis sensors, tamperproof separate recording box, bluetooth SOS button.

DR770X-3CH BOX [TRUCK]: Triple channel, front/external rear/incabin recording, triple 1080P FULL HD, triple Sony Stravis sensors, tamperproof separate recording box, bluetooth SOS button.


The BlackVue DR970X 4K Dash Cam Series Highlights

4K Flagship, highest spec BlackVue models

(for in depth information, click on the model name to be taken to the product page)

DR970X-2CH: Best dual channel model in BlackVue Dash Cam range. Front and rear recording for standard cars/sedans. 4K + 8MP front Dash Cam/1080P FULL HD rear.

DR970X-1CH: Single channel (front recording). 4K + 8MP Dash Cam, rear camera port for rear camera add-on if desired.

DR970X-2CH [RIDESHARE]: Dual channel, 4K + 8MP front Dash Cam and 1080P FULL HD in-cabin recording of driver/cabin area, wide angle cabin view.

DR970X-2CH LTE: Dash Cam model built for cloud connectivity. Inbuilt LTE modem for cloud connectivity. No need for extra CM100 modem on standard models above. Dual channel, 4K + 8MP front Dash Cam/1080P FULL HD rear.


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