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Why are more drivers installing Dash Cams?
Over recent years, the Australian public has developed a concern for the safety and security of themselves, their vehicles and their roads. Drivers are realising that Dash Cam video evidence is a valuable tool which can be used to protect their innocence and avoid false accusations while on the road. Drivers also want to assist in protecting their communities by recording hoon/reckless driving and reporting them to the authorities. The continued and rapid increase in Dash Cam technology is providing drivers with up to date safety and security options for their themselves, their vehicles and their roads.

What are the benefits of using a Dash Cam?
There a several advantages of using Dash Cams in vehicles. Unquestionably the most beneficial use for our customers has been to limit their liability in insurance disputes. No more “he said-she said” or false accusations after an incident. Dash Cam footage may be tendered as evidence to deny liability for the innocent party in a car accident. Disputes arising concerning which party is at fault can be circumvented through the use of Dash Cams. False accusations after an incident are quickly squashed with the help of Dash Cam footage.

To get an understanding of the kind of evidence a Dash Cam can provide and capture, check out our REVIEW/VIDEOS page. A quick search on youtube for Dash Cam footage will highlight the potential dangers and poor driving behaviours on our roads. 

Can it lead to increased safety on the road if drivers know they are being recorded?
This is certainly a key point in addressing road safety. The increased awareness of Dash Cams operating on our roads acts as a deterrent for drivers, putting them on notice that their actions could potentially be recorded. People put on their best driving behaviour if they know they are being recorded. Dash Cams can have the same deterrent effect that speed and red light cameras have on our roads. When people become aware that they are driving within the vicinity of these cameras, the natural response is stop their dangerous driving. Similarly, with the use of Dash Cams, if drivers on our roads realise that Dash Cams can capture them committing road offences, which may lead to police prosecution, they may become reluctant to further commit these offences. After an accident occurs on our roads, we regularly hear Police Crash Investigators on radio or TV call on the public to send them any Dash Cam footage of the incident. Crash Investigators can use the footage to assist in piecing together what happened in the lead up to an accident. 

Are Dash Cams legal in Australia?
Yes, Dash Cams are legal in all states of Australia and are highly regarded by insurance companies and the Police. The footage can take the guess work out of a road incident or hoon behaviour.

How come your prices are so low?
At Dash Cams Australia, we believe that Dash Cams are essential for the Australian public and we pride ourselves on stocking only the highest quality products. With over 10 years experience in this industry we have exclusive relationships with most of our Dash Cams manufacturers and sell them directly to the Australian public – cutting out distributors and agents. We feel that every vehicle in Australia should have a Dash Cam installed so we provide a wide range of the most reliable cameras that will suit every budget and requirement.

Which Dash Cam do you recommend?
There are many types of Dash Cams on the market ranging from dual channel systems to single channel, GPS enabled or no GPS, screen or no screen and of course all at different price points. We try to filter down and recommend a Dash Cam based on your individual needs and driving conditions. There is no one size fits all Dash Cam. As a start, we highly recommend all customers read our Dash Cam Buyers Guide and our Information & Advice articles for the latest tips, advice and recommendations. 

Can I install a Dash Cam myself?
All of our Dash Cams are plug & play which means they come with everything you need to get started. DIY installation is simple. It involves mounting the Dash Cam to the interior of your vehicle windscreen and then plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter socket (accessory socket) for power. To avoid the wires hanging down from the windscreen you can fix the wires around your windscreen using our cable clips and/or hide the wire under the trim of your vehicle. Check out our Dash Cam install guide by clicking here.
If you are looking for a Dash Cam that has “Parking Mode” or “Motion Detection” it is recommended that you use a certified Auto Electrician to hardwire the Dash Cam to your vehicle battery. This provides the Dash Cam with constant power to record any vandalism or hit and runs when the engine is switched off and you are away from your car. An additional hardwire kit or battery pack will need to be purchased with your Dash Cam to utilise the parking surveillance mode.

Do your Dash Cams have Loop Recording?
All Dash Cams utilise loop recording. When the Micro SD card fills up with recorded footage, Loop Recording kicks in and automatically deletes the oldest dated files to make room for new recordings i.e. the Dash Cam deletes recorded files from the past Thursday when you’re driving on the Sunday morning.  For the latest advice, tips and recommendations, please have a read of our Information & Advice Articles or our Dash Cam Buyers Guide.


What payment methods do you accept?
Dash Cams Australia accepts payments via PayPal and Credit Card (through the PayPal website) and via Direct Bank Transfers. Please note all payments associated with PayPal including Credit Cards are conducted via third party (i.e. PayPal website). You can be rest assured knowing your online transactions and information are processed safely and securely over Secure Sockets Layer connection (SSL). This is the internet standard online security protection offered by PayPal. We are a highly rated Google Trusted Store so you can have confidence shopping with us online. All purchases made via our site come with free purchase protection from Google on purchases up to $1,000.

For Direct Bank Transfers:

Please direct transfers to:
National Australia Bank
Dash Cams Australia
BSB: 083-310
Acct No: 15-451-2308

How can I make an order?
Customers can easily and securely place an order directly from our website. Please see the following steps:

1. Browse our shop and select your desired product/accessory, then click “add product to cart”. Doing this will add that item to your shopping cart.
2. You can either continue shopping or “proceed to checkout”. Once you have chosen all the products that you wish to purchase, just click on the “checkout” button.
3. Fill out your billing and shipping details and any special notes or other information. You will then be prompted to complete the purchase form, and can pay by either PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer.

Any discounts for corporate or bulk purchases?
Dash Cams Australia can offer discounts for larger orders. We have simple and efficient systems in place specifically for group purchases “group buys” and alike. We specialize in corporate distribution so if you have an ABN or wish to purchase for a fleet, please visit our FLEET page for further and details contact information.

Can I offer cash on pickup?
We do not offer an over the counter pickup facility, nor do we have the option to inspect merchandise prior to purchasing. We have made our website as detailed as possible so customers can view our Dash Cams with as much information possible. All our products are promptly shipped directly from our Melbourne warehouse. 


When will my order be dispatched?
Your order will be dispatched the same day if the order is placed before 1pm or the next business day (after confirmation of payment, or clearance of PayPal and Direct Bank transfers). An e-mail including an invoice and shipping details will be sent to you automatically after your order is processed. An automated tracking number from Australia Post will also be sent to your email address.


My Media Player does not playback video files?
If your default media player (e.g. Windows Media Player) does not playback .AVI, .MOV or .MP4 files, it could be that the ‘codecs’ are not compatible or supported to playback the files. To rectify this issue, simply download a free cross-platform multimedia player. We recommend the VLC Media Player. This can be downloaded for free here.

What does it mean to format your Micro SD Card and how often should you do it?
It is recommended that you format the Micro SD Card at least on a monthly basis, this ensures you minimize the risk of corrupt files the card may run into after an extended amount of use. In most cases you can format the Micro SD card in the Dash Cam itself but if not, simply insert it into your PC, right click the SD icon in My Computer on any PC and click “Format”.

My Dash Cam has been playing up recently. What should I do?

Most issues can be easily resolved by following these steps:
1. Format your Micro SD Card. Ensure you are not using any SanDisk branded SD card or an SD card purchased from eBay.
a. To re-format the SD card, the recommended method is in the Dash Cam itself via the menu.
b. Or, simply insert the card (in the adapter) into your PC. For step by step instructions click here.
2. Hold down the reset button on the Dash Cam for 10 seconds.
3. Restore the Factory Settings to default via the Dash Cam menu.
4. Update the Firmware version – for step by step instructions click here.
5. Have a read and run through our Troubleshooting Guide click here.
6. If the issue persists, contact us to determine whether you should send it back to us for testing/repair under warranty.

What is your return policy?
In the unlikely event you receive damaged, defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise, we will need to be notified asap in order to facilitate a replacement. Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.

Do all your products come with warranty?
All products purchased from Dash Cams Australia include a 100% Australian minimum 1-year warranty (check product pages for warranty details). Any claims within the warranty period will be processed by us, right here in our Melbourne office.

Need more help, tips & advice? Read our Information & Advice articles for our latest Dash Cam buying guides, tips & advice (click here)