BlackVue B-130X Ultra Battery Pack



Genuine BlackVue Battery Pack

Longest Parking Mode Power Source

Charges while driving

Powers Dash Cam while parked

Bluetooth Connectivity

View battery status via Bluetooth App

Charges from either cig lighter or fusebox

Up to 30 hrs run time 1-CH Dash Cam

Up to 19 hours run time 2-CH Dash cam

Highest Quality LiFePO4 Battery

5V USB port to charge other devices

12V-24V Compatibility

24 Month Warranty

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The BlackVue B-130X Ultra Battery Pack is a high capacity system designed to offer the longest parking mode recording times.

The system works by charging a high quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery through either your cig lighter socket or fusebox while your car is running. When your car is turned off, the charged B-130X battery is then used to provide continuous power to your BlackVue Dash Cam without the need to draw any power from your car battery.

Charging the B-130X via the fusebox is faster (50 min charge time), but if you don’t want to hardwire anything into the fusebox, it can be charged it up via your cig lighter socket (90 min charge time).

The BlackVue B-130X Ultra battery is compatible in both 12V and 24V vehicle systems.

It also has a 5V USB port so you can connect other devices and charge them up (eg. smartphone, tablet)

The battery charge level can also be checked via the free BlackVue battery bluetooth app.


1. If hardwiring, it is highly recommended hardwiring is performed by a qualified electrician and a suitable circuit that loses power when the engine is OFF must be used. If a continuous circuit is used, the B-130X will continue to charge while the engine is OFF and could deplete your car battery requiring a jump start.

2. For seamless park mode activation and deactivation, the Dash Cam hardwire cable should be connected to the B-130X output hardwire cable.

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