Dash Cams Australia is the leading Dash Cam supplier to numerous Australian fleet operators. Our focus is the highest level of customer service, highest Dash Cam quality and the best, tailored advise. We have exclusive partnerships with dedicated Dash Cam manufacturers and have earned the role as market leader in the Australian Dash Cam industry. We offer a range of quality commercial Dash Cams tailored to the demanding needs of fleet operators.

Our commercial Dash Cams can record most areas around the vehicle and inside the cabin, or a combination of areas simultaneously. We have an extensive range of single channel, dual channel and triple channel Dash Cams to record multiple areas of the vehicle. We offer tamperproof options and also cloud connectivity for back to base fleet monitoring in real time.

Our professional service and expert advice is aimed at assisting fleet operators get the best out of drivers and reduce risks and running costs on the road. All our commercial products meets high performance standards providing high quality footage, daily reliability, cost effective price points and fleet practicality. We understand the demanding conditions of fleets vehicles and offer a range of commercial Dash Cams to meet these demands. We continue to provide Australian fleets the most up-to-date Dash Cam technology and continue to work directly with Dash Cam manufacturers to develop and improve their products to meet Australian fleet needs.

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Benefits Dash Cams Australia Offers For Fleet Operators

We work directly with a range major fleet operators who choose to install Dash Cams to promote safety and efficiency among their drivers. Some of the benefits of using a commercial Dash Cam include:

  • clear, recorded evidence in the event of a road incident – clear drivers of wrongdoing
  • undeniable identification of the cause and liability in the event of an incident – reduction in insurance related costs
  • improved driver behaviour and risk reduction – drivers put on their best behaviour if they know they are being recorded
  • identification of the culprit in the case of a hit and run or theft – protect fleet vehicles with park mode recording
  • automatic and continuous video and audio recordings in all driving situations – drivers do not need to touch a Dash Cam for it to work
  • an effective tool to promote road safety and efficiency – footage can be used in driver training and highlighting company expectations
  • peace of mind while the vehicle is unoccupied with park mode recording
  • efficient management of employees and fleet vehicles


Dash Cam footage captures indisputable evidence if an unfortunate incident occurs, which helps to protect both employers and drivers from fraudulent or other false accusations. Fleet operators can see operational cost reductions with the use of Dash Cams by monitoring efficient driving, speeding and driver behaviour. With the knowledge gained from this monitoring, fleet operators can train their drivers to be more efficient, confident and safer on the roads thereby reducing costs and road risks.

A Culture of Safety Brings Benefits to Fleet Operators

There are a number of benefits for fleet operators who develop a culture of safe driving among their employees. Dash Cams can assist in driver safety awareness by:

  • providing detailed & visual information about road events to assist driver training
  • highlighting unacceptable driving behaviours to reinforce company policies
  • offering brand protection through minimising high-profile road collisions
  • contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious community

Having video footage of a collision provides a valuable record to exonerate a fleet driver should they be involved in a no-fault collision or have false accusations made against them. Dash Cams also allow the company to monitor and, if need be, remove drivers who do not follow company policies and standards. Showing a dedication to corporate and community safety exemplifies a standard of good corporate values that fleet operators can use in marketing their companies.

We are the recommended Dash Cam supplier to various Government agencies, local councils, police units, mining fleets and numerous other well known corporations with fleet vehicles operating on Australian roads.

Dash Cams Australia has supplied and continues to be the preferred supplier of some of the following fleet operators who are taking advantage of the benefits Dash Cams provide:

Hanson Construction & Building Materials
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
VIC Roads
Department of Defence – Campbell Barracks
Evolution Mining
Melbourne Water
Parks Victoria
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
FoodBank Victoria
Victoria Police – Road Policing Units
Queensland Police
NSW Police
SA Police
Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning – Victorian Government
NSW Environmental Protection Agency
Main Roads Western Australia
Hume Forests Ltd.
HVP Plantations
NSW Transport – Sydney Trains


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