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Dash Cams Australia Leads The Way thanks to their deep commitment to the highest level of customer service and their partnership with dedicated Dash Cam manufacturers. Dash Cams Australia has earned the role of market leader in the Australian Dash Cam industry. They offer reliable products, professional service and expert advice to all their customers with the goal of helping fleet operators get the best out of their drivers and reduce risks on the road. Each product sold by Dash Cams Australia meets high performance standards including; 1. High Quality Picture 2. Reliability 3. Price and 4. Design.   They endeavour to provide Australian drivers the most up-to-date Dash Cam technology and continue to work directly with Dash Cam manufacturers to develop and improve their products and processes.

Benefits Dash Cams Australia Offers For Fleet Operators

One of the reasons that Dash Cams Australia sees major fleet operators return year after year is the significant savings those operators get when they deal direct with this company. Fleet operators who choose to install Dash Cams can save hundreds/tens of thousands of dollars each year thanks to the benefits Dash Cams can provide. Some of those benefits include:

  • clear, recorded footage in the event of a road incident
  • undeniable identification of the cause and liability in the event of an incident
  • identification of the culprit in the case of a hit and run or theft
  • automatic and continuous video and audio recordings in all driving situations
  • an effective tool to promote road safety and efficiency
  • peace of mind while the vehicle is unoccupied
  • efficient management of your employees and your fleet


Dash Cams exceptional video captures indisputable evidence whenever an incident occurs, to protect both companies and drivers from fraudulent or other false claims. With the high cost of fuel today, savings are important to the financial health of a company. Fleet operators can see operational cost reductions with the use of Dash Cams by monitoring efficient driving, speeding and driver behaviour. With the knowledge gained from this monitoring, fleet operators can train their drivers to be more efficient, confident and safer on the roads thereby reducing costs and road risks.

A Culture of Safety Brings Indirect Benefits to Fleet Operators

There are a number of indirect benefits for those fleet operators who develop a culture of safety among their employees. Dash Cams can assist in safety awareness by:

  • providing detailed & visual information about road events
  • highlighting unacceptable driving behaviours
  • offering brand protection through minimising high-profile road collisions
  • contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious community

Having video footage of a collision provides a valuable record to exonerate a fleet driver should they be involved in no-fault collisions or have false accusations made against them. Dash Cams also allow the company to monitor and, if need be, remove drivers who do not follow company policies and standards. Showing a dedication to corporate and community safety exemplifies a standard of good corporate values that fleet operators can use in marketing their companies.

Dash Cams Australia is the Number One Dash Cam supplier to various government agencies, local councils, police units, mining fleets and numerous other we’ll known corporations with fleet vehicles on Australian roads.

For corporate or commercial enquiries (more than ten units), please contact one of our experts to assist you.

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