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As Australia’s Original and Number One specialist Dash Cam supplier, Dash Cams Australia offers the highest quality products on the market, at the best price. We are the Sole Australian Distributor of some of the most reliable and reputable Dash Cam brands in the industry. We are Australia’s Leading and Most Trusted supplier of Dash Cams, only supplying products of the highest quality that are built and tested for Australian car conditions. Dash Cams are incredibly useful tools for drivers of all types of vehicles and for all driving conditions – whether personal or commercial. Dash Cams are easily attached to the interior windscreen and while the vehicle is driving it will continuously record footage of the road ahead onto a Micro SD memory card. A Dash Cam with an in-built GPS processor will record the vehicle’s exact position and speed, and will provide a date and time stamp on the footage. Dash Cams come with a range of options and features. Dash Cam footage can prove useful in defending against fraudulent insurance claims, false accusations or unwarranted speeding tickets.


We were one of the first suppliers of high quality Dash Cams in Australia. All of our Dash Cams are rigorously tested for suitability to the Australian climate, and our product selection reflects the demands of the Australian driving population. We are authorized distributors for all the Dash Cams we sell, and all of our products are 100% genuine – no fakes, refurbished or rebranded items. Our reputation for before and after customer service is unmatched in the industry, and we offer a 100% satisfaction, 7-day money back guarantee as well as a full 1-year warranty on all products. Our unmatched knowledge of Dash Cam technology and related products has made us the undisputed market leader nationwide. More reasons for you to buy through and trust Dash Cams Australia:

Authorised distributor

Industry recognised

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Free, secure and fast shipping

7-day money back guarantee

1-year 100% Australian warranty

Knowledgeable about Dash Cam technology

Professional Australian business

Leading and most trusted supplier

Price beat guarantee

Affordability and widest product selection on the market

Our Dash Cam product line starts at prices as low as $119.95 for an entry-level unit with Full HD resolution —and goes up to Ultra 2K HD in the Vicovation range (resolution of up to 2596 x 1440 pixels). The higher resolution models are more desirable for most buyers as the video quality is crisper and can resolve small details, such as license plate numbers much easily. The Ultra HD units also offer superior night time clarity, even on poorly lit roads. Some models feature both front and rear cameras for the ultimate in driving safety and security. The rear camera can easily capture dangerous tailgaters, traffic weavers, and vehicles that may be in the driver’s blind spot. Dash Cams Australia also offers a Full HD, compact, waterproof camera for motorcyclists. This innovative high-definition camera offers superb performance and can increase rider safety considerably.

Why Install a Dash Cam in Your Vehicle?

The most compelling reason to install a Dash Cam is to protect yourself and prove your innocence in the case of a road incident. A Dash Cam provides clear, visual evidence in the case of insurance disputes or false accusations after an unfortunate incident. A Dash Cam with parking mode feature can also protect your parked vehicle from malicious damage or from a hit and run driver that could leave the scene. In parking mode, the Dash Cam will automatically record if motion is detected, or if your car is impacted while parked. A further advantage of using a Dash Cam is having the ability to record hoon or dangerous drivers and report them, with evidence, to authorities thereby helping to get them off the road. This will help to protect our roads, communities and other drivers. After accidents on our roads, we constantly hear Police Crash Investigators on radio or TV call on the public for Dash Cam footage of the incident to assist them in the investigation and piece together what happened.


As Dash Cam usage becomes more widespread, negligent/hoon drivers will have a strong incentive to restrain their dangerous driving behaviour. If dangerous drivers know they are being recorded by numerous Dash Cam wielding drivers, they will no doubt think twice about reckless road behaviour – in the same way that red light cameras and speed cameras deter dangerous driving. Road rage is another problem that Dash Cam technology and footage can hopefully help to reduce or deter. Everyone puts on their best behaviour if they know they are being recorded. Parents with learner drivers also like the idea of using a Dash Cam to assist in teaching their children how to drive. The video footage of a driving lesson can be post-reviewed to further explain the road rules and highlight driving errors and areas of improvement. Many parents also like the idea of having a Dash Cam in their children’s car to record their driving behaviour on the road—as well as record audio inside the car. This can act as a deterrent from younger drivers answering or texting on their phone while driving as it will be recorded. Dash Cams can also be used to protect young drivers from more experienced ones. Some dishonest older drivers actually trick younger drivers into believing an incident was their fault. This is where Dash Cam footage can provide the real truth and protect younger, inexperienced drivers from false accusations. This can also help younger drivers build up their no claim history with their insurance company if they are not at fault. If you lend your car to friends or relatives, or you want to see what happens to your car after you drop it off (say at the mechanic or valet parking) a Dash Cam can give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle journey is being recorded should something odd occur. Another great reason to have a Dash Cam is simply for fun and recreation. The ability to capture a fun filled journey along scenic routes is a great way to remember your trip.


For commercial vehicles like taxis, vans and trucks, Dash Cams enable employers to monitor their driver’s behaviour, and ensure they are not using company vehicles for personal interest, taking longer routes than necessary, making deviations from planned schedules or making unwarranted stops. Passenger transport drivers can protect themselves with Dash Cams by using in-cabin recording models which record both the road in-front and the passenger cabin simultaneously. Dash Cams Australia is a major supplier to logistics fleets, the passenger transport industry, government bodies, police units, major mining companies and of course the Australian public.

Are Dash Cams Difficult to Install and Use?

No. Most Dash Cams are very simple to install and use. They consist of basically four pieces – the Dash Cam itself which is typically mounted underneath or behind the rear-view mirror, a removable Micro SD memory card that slips into the Dash Cam, the Dash Cam power cable which plugs into the cigarette lighter or a 12V/24V power socket, and the Dash Cam mount which attaches to the windscreen. The recording process starts automatically as soon as the vehicle’s engine is started. When the engine is switched off, the Dash Cam automatically shuts down. There is no excuse not to buy a Dash Cam –  they are extremely affordable and provide incredible benefits for you and other road users. Our expert team will assist you to find the right Dash Cam for your needs.