Dash Cams Australia 2024 Dash Cam Recommendations & Top Picks

Thanks for checking out our 2024 Dash Cam top pick guide. Each year our goal is to supply Australian drivers the most trusted and best Dash Cam brands and models.

Our 2024 Dash Cam top pick guide is designed to offer unbiased Dash Cam recommendations based on the variety of customer’s needs and customer’s varying budgets, not advice based on profit.

Our 2024 Dash Cam range covers a range of budgets. Nobody should miss out on the opportunity to buy a quality/reliable Dash Cam at a decent price.

Whether you are a truck driver, rideshare driver, the average work and home driver, driving the kids around, park in a busy carpark…..we have the best Dash Cam for your needs in 2024.

Which Dash Cam brands and models should you be considering in 2024?


For the most premium, top shelf 2024 Dash Cam models – FineVu GX4K-2CH & BlackVue DR970X-2CH PLUS

Let’s start off with the best 4K Dash Cams in Australia.

Some customers just ask this question straight up, “what’s the best Dash Cam model?”

To that we reply, “the best Dash Cam model is different for every customer and depends on their needs, wants and budget”. Then the customer generally responds with “I just want the best Dash Cam model with the best picture quality”.

Ok, easy one.

We would love every Dash Cam to be able to pick up all number plates clearly, on all cars, under all driving conditions, however this is not achievable unfortunately.

It is particularly difficult to pick up a number plate on faster moving vehicles approaching you from the opposite direction. This is where you see the most motion blur.

Number plates can be much easier to make out on cars driving in the same direction as you and also in parking mode as cars are driving very slow in car parks.

We have never come across a Dash Cam, even at 4K, that can achieve this. Just because a Dash Cam has high resolution, doesn’t mean its great. A 4K Dash Cam that shuts down all the time or fails in the heat is no good to anyone. There are many other factors involved in addition to 4K resolution that make a Dash Cam great. Things like bit rate, processor, software development, internal component quality etc etc……

However, we have two Dash Cams that give you the best chance at making out number plates under more demanding driving conditions.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH PLUS (click here) The BlackVue DR970X-2CH PLUS is a proven 4K Dash Cam and is definitely up there with giving the best chance at making details like number plates. The 4K / 8.4MP front Dash Cam is currently the highest resolution model you can get so the extra detail really assists with clearing up pixelated plates. The DR970X-2CH PLUS contains dual SONY STARVIS sensors with the latest generation 2.0 in the front Dash Cam. The DR970X-2CH PLUS front camera delivers sharper and more detailed videos under challenging lighting conditions.  Without getting too technical, the BlackVue DR970X-2CH PLUS Dash Cam also offers the flexibility of increasing the videos “bit rate”. This essentially enhances the video quality but does make the video files bigger, as you are capturing more finer details. We recommend increasing the bit rate via the settings when driving under more demanding conditions (or when you just want even better video quality).

FineVu GX4K-2CH (click here) The FineVu GX4K-2CH Dash Cam is a welcome Dash Cam addition to our 2024 range. It is FineVu’s flagship 4K Dash Cam and comes in at a cost effective price point for a 4K unit. The features and reliability are really hard to beat for the price.

The super intelligent park mode features make it a versatile all rounder for driving and park mode recording. In addition to traditional motion/impact detection park mode, the FineVu GX4K-2CH has a power saving park mode feature and Ai heat detection monitoring. These features allow park mode to stay on and record for much longer than other traditional park mode methods.

You can’t go wrong with either the FineVu GX4K-2CH or the BlackVue DR970X-2CH PLUS. The major deciding factor for customers will be their budget and their Dash Cam design preference.

If you want “the best” Dash Cams we have, these are the two models to look at. They also both have a 3 year Dash Cam warranty.

Both the FineVu GX4K and BlackVue DR970X PLUS Dash Cam are available in a 1CH or front recording model only.


For the best all-round performing Dash Cams in 2024 – BlackVue DR770X-2CH & FineVU GX1000-2CH

The BlackVue DR770X-2CH and the FineVu GX1000-2CH provide excellent all-round performance and features in the price bracket below 4K models.

They both contains very similar features to their 4K counterparts, but resolution is not at 4K. Build quality is the same as their 4K counterparts above.

FineVu GX1000-2CH (click here) – The FineVu GX1000-2CH Dash Cam was a customer favourite in 2023 for many reasons. It records at DUAL 2K 1440P QUAD HD resolution/DUAL 5.14MP lens and contains DUAL Sony Starvis sensors. Under certain conditions, the FineVu GX1000-2CH actually produces better video quality performance than some $800+ 4K Dash Cams on the market and is much more budget friendly. The FineVu GX1000-2CH Dash Cam is a great all-round package.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH (click here) – The BlackVue DR770X-2CH is one of the workhorse DUAL 1080P FULL HD Dash Cams on the market. Like the FineVU GX1000-2CH, it contains DUAL Sony Starvis sensors but records at a lower FULL HD 1080P/DUAL 2.1MP lens. Having said that, the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Dash Cam offers the flexibility of increasing the videos “bit rate”. This essentially enhances the video quality but does make the video files bigger, as you are capturing more finer details. We recommend increasing the bit rate via the settings when driving under more demanding conditions (or when you just want even better video quality). The DR770X-2CH front camera also records at 60FPS for smoother front camera videos with less motion blur.

Again, you can’t go wrong with either the FineVu GX1000-2CH or the BlackVue DR770X-2CH if you are looking in this price range.They also both have a 3 year Dash Cam warranty.


For a cloud based Dash Cam in 2024 – BlackVue X Series

The BlackVue X series Dash Cams. When provided with a BYO hotspot (via BlackVue CM100 or external dongle) and BlackVue cloud account, you can tap into the BlackVue X series models and monitor the vehicle while you are away from it. You can also receive notifications of events while parked.


For the best value Dash Cams in 2024 – FineVu Dash Cams

FineVu produce ultra reliable Dash Cam models that offer the best all round Dash Cam performance without premium price tags. If you don’t want to pay through the nose for a Dash Cam but don’t want a cheapie, FineVu ticks all the right boxes.

In no way do they compromise on build quality as they offer a trusted 3 year Dash Cam warranty.

More expensive Dash Cams offer a one or maybe a two year warranty.

FineVU also offer Dash Cams in all resolutions 4K UHD, 2K QHD and FULL HD 1080P.

FineVu Dash Cams have all the essential features you need to reliably record while driving and while parked. They have no fluffy, unnecessary features that you pay for in other models and probably wont even use.

If your requirement is for a trusted, reliable and easy to use Dash Cam in 2024, a FineVu Dash Cam will probably tick all your boxes.

Check out the FineVu Dash Cam range by clicking here.


For the best way to alert drivers you have a Dash Cam – Dash Cam Recording Sticker

Our Dash Cam recording stickers are designed to alert other road users that you have a Dash Cam recording in your vehicle. Our Dash Cam stickers can be used as a preventative measure in many situations, for example:

Let tail-gaters know they are being recorded on Dash Cam.

Let car park and trolley users know they are being recorded on Dash Cam.

Let potential car thieves or vandals know they are being recorded.

Check out our Dash Cam Recording range by clicking here.


For a simple Dash Cam, that is easy to use, without any fuss – Abee & FineVu GX7000-2CH Dash Cams

The Abee Dash Cams are best basic units we offer in terms of features. Not every Dash Cam needs bells and whistles and glitz and glamour. There is a place and a need for a nice, basic Dash Cam.

For a front recording model, check out the Abee M638G here

For a front and rear recording model, check out the Abee M538GH-2CH here

The Abee Dash Cams cater for the “school drop-off” journeys and the “short distance to work/supermarket” journeys. This requirement doesn’t need anything fancy. The Abee Dash Cams start and stop recording automatically when the engine turns on and off. It records the journey and that is it. Easy.

They don’t offer a parking mode feature so they simply plug into your cig lighter socket – plug and play.

If you need to watch a video file, pop the sd card into your computer, double click a video file and there is the footage. Easy.

If you want the next level up, check out the FineVu GX7000-2CH Dash Cam here

The FineVu GX7000-2CH is our best top pick LCD screen Dash Cam for 2023. It is hands down the best LCD Dash Cam we have supplied to date.

The GX7000-2CH is one of FineVu’s best selling LCD Dash Cams globally and has a trusted track record of reliability and performance. Whether wanting to record while driving or parked, the GX7000-2CH is an intuitive and smart Dash Cam option.

Most Dash Cams on the market are screen-less. Screenless Dash Cams are configured and operated by pairing them via Wi-Fi to a smartphone and accessing the manufacturer app. After dealing with tens of thousands of customers and enquiries over the years, we understand that there is still large majority of customers that find Wi-Fi and apps undesirable. There is nothing wrong with this and simply comes down to personal preference.

Many customers still want the “old-school” method of operation. They feel the Dash Cam should sit on the windscreen and do its job without too much mucking around, no Wi-Fi, no apps, just record. This is where the LCD touchscreen FineVu GX7000 comes in.

The clear, high resolution IPS LCD touchscreen gives the mental reassurance that the camera is ON and recording and the angle adjustment is correct all the time. The touchscreen also allows for simple menu navigation and camera set-up, no fuss.

The front camera records at 1440P 2K QHD with a 5.1MP Sony Starvis sensor and super-capacitors are used rather than lithium ion batteries to excel in heat resistance and heat durability.

Pre-buffered parking mode recording is a must. The FineVU GX7000 Dash Cams record 20 second parking mode files when triggered by either motion and/or impact. The parking mode files are recorded 10 seconds before the trigger and 10 seconds after the trigger capturing some of the important lead up to the event.

We consider the GX7000-2CH Dash Cam to be an excellent all round performer, with a friendly LCD touchscreen interface. The FineVu GX7000 Dash Cams offer daily reliability, fuss-free features and easy, intuitive operation.

The FineVu GX7000-2CH also offers a confident 3 Year Dash Cam warranty* which is testament to the build quality of this unit.

The Abee Dash Cams still do the job just fine, they are just more “bare-bones” in terms of features.



For a quality Dash Cam with a parking mode feature to record if someone hits my car while parked – BlackVue and FineVu Dash Cams

Our 2024 best park mode Dash Cams can be compared in the table below or on our dedicated article by clicking here 

You can also check out the basics of how Dash Cam parking mode operates by clicking here

The BlackVue and the FineVu Dash Cams would be the most popular parking mode Dash Cams we sell.

Most customers opt for a front and rear BlackVue or FineVu Dash Cam as the rear camera can capture people entering the car spot behind your car. If the car bumps you and drives off, the number plate might have been captured in the rear footage and they can be identified.

We find the BlackVue and FineVu Dash Cams have the most intuitive and customisable parking mode features.

When parked, the cameras will stay on and record files if the Dash Cam detects motion or impacts.

The BlackVue and FineVu Dash Cams also wont drain your battery to empty as they have inbuilt voltage protection which shuts the camera down when the battery voltage starts to get too low.

The BlackVue and FineVu Dash Cams also have “pre-buffered” parking mode recording which is essential for capturing the lead-up to an incident while parked. They also have customisable motion/impact sensitivities and motion detection areas to tailor the performance and settings to your needs.

BlackVue records the 5 seconds before a motion or impact trigger while FineVU records 10 seconds before a trigger.

At night, it is always advisable to park close to a light source which really assists the Dash Cam to expose what is happening. All Dash Cam footage (no matter which model) can be fairly dim at night, especially when headlights are off. We like that most of the BlackVue and FineVu Dash Cams have the Sony Starvis sensor to assist with night time quality.



For a fleet or rideshare vehicle – BlackVue Dash Cams & Lukas Dash Cams


For a front recording only Dash Cam – Lukas QVIA AR790-1CH PLUS (click here)

The Lukas QVIA AR790-1CH PLUS Dash Cam provides reliability and temperature resistance ratings that rivals much more expensive units.

The Lukas AR790 Dash Cam was, and still is, a very popular fleet choice in 2023. It was fitted into many fleet vehicles/trucks that are on the road and recording for 10-12 hours straight per day. It is a very durable model. Fleets responded well to the large 512GB Micro SD card support, the tamper case option and the overall reliability.

The AR790-1CH PLUS is currently being used in large minings fleet in WA. The AR790 Dash Cam cops a belting but withstands the demanding heat and rugged conditions on the mines.

For those customers wanting longer recording times, it can take a larger 512GB compatible Micro SD card which will hold up to 100 hours of total video files before the card fills up and starts looping over. Plenty of time to get back to the office and download any important files.

The front Dash Cam also has an optional Lukas tamperproof case for those customers not wanting drivers to tamper with the unit or Micro SD card.


BlackVue offers the most extensive range of commercial vehicle Dash Cams.

The BlackVue commercial units also have an optional cloud based feature for fleet tracking.

If you need to record the road ahead and the driver, or the road ahead, the rear and the driver, BlackVue has you covered. They offer a range of 2CH and 3CH Dash Cams.

Take a look at the BlackVue “RIDESHARE” and “TRUCK” models here



There you have our top picks for 2024. Please check in regularly on our website or facebook page to keep up to date with any new models or updates on Dash Cams under testing.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or info@dashcamsaustralia.com.au or chat with us live on our LIVE CHAT tab on the site. We are more than happy to answer any questions or assist you with a Dash Cam recommendation.

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