2023 – Our top 2-channel Parking Mode Dash Cams compared back to back

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Finding it difficult and confusing to compare Dash Cam specs? Too many web pages and tabs open? Feeling a little overwhelmed?

If you are looking for the most popular and top performing 2-channel Dash Cams, with excellent parking mode features, we have compiled this one stop comparison table to assist.

The listed Dash Cams all have pre-buffered parking mode recording which captures some of the important lead up to a motion or impact trigger.

The FineVu models capture the 10 seconds before a motion or impact trigger. The BlackVue Dash Cams capture 5 seconds before.

The parking mode features of these Dash Cams are the most intuitive of all the ones we have tested and do a great job monitoring the areas around the vehicle. The parking mode settings are the most customisable to allow you to tailor the monitoring for your particular needs.

We have outlined and compared the main features that are important when comparing our top performing 2-channel Dash Cams.

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*features and functions can change with future firmware updates

Beware of unauthorised BlackVue sellers who are not exclusive to the 3-year BlackVue warranty.

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