Installing and Using Your Dash Cam is Easy

Set It



Forget It


Be Protected


Set it

Install your Dash Cam

No Tools Required. It’s easy to do. For most of our Dash Cams:

1. Attach windscreen mount


2. Insert Micro SD card


3. Attach to windscreen


4. Connect the power cord into your cig lighter socket and into the Dash Cam


Change The Settings

Your Dash Cam will start recording when the engine turns on but we strongly recommend you change the time & date and format the Micro SD card at first use. This is easily done via the camera menu.

GPS Models

Setting the timezone (GMT) will allow the Dash Cam to synchronise with GPS satellites & automatically set the time and date.


Non-GPS Models

Manually set the time & date via the menu. Requires more time but is equally easy to do.


Forget It


Hands Free Operation

In most cars, turning on the ignition sends power to the cig lighter/accessory socket. Your Dash Cam will automatically turn on and start recording after receiving power. Likewise, the Dash Cam automatically shuts down when the ignition turns off. Easy.

Parking Surveillance Mode Recording

Dash Cams with a parking surveillance mode feature can be hardwired (via a hardwire kit) to the car’s fusebox. This enables the Dash Cam to stay on a record while the engine is off. While you are away from your car, the Dash Cam will record videos when motion or impact triggers the cameras. Click here to read more on our Parking Mode Dash Cams.

Be Protected – Show the Truth

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident or capture something worth keeping, your Dash Cam will be there recording you. Your recorded footage can be easily viewed in a variety of ways.

Using Your Camera or Smartphone

Playback videos using your Dash Cam’s LCD screen or smartphone for Wi-Fi enabled models.


Using Your TV

Plug in a mini-HDMI cable and watch videos on your TV (model dependant).


Using Your Computer

Transfer files & watch your videos in most computer media players.