Installing and Using Your Camera is Easy


Set It



Forget It


Be Protected


Set it

Install your Camera

No Tools Required. It’s Easy to Do. For Most Of Our Cameras:

1. Attach Windshield Mount

2. Insert Memory Card

3.Attach to Windshield

4.Insert Power Adapter, USB Plug into Camera


Change The Settings

Your camera can start recording after installation but we strongly recommend you change the time and date after installation.


GPS Models

Setting the timezone will allow the GPS to syncronize with the atomic clock and automatically set the time and date.


Non-GPS Models

Manually set the time and date using the arrow keys. Requires more time but equally easy to do.


Forget It


Hands Free Operation For the Majority.

In most cars, turning on the ignition sends electricity to the power socket. Your camera will automatically turn on and start recording after receiving power. Turns off when the vehicle turns off. Easy.

Hands Free Operation For the Majority.

If your cigarette socket is continuously powered you will have to plug/unplug the adapter to power on/off your camera. A bit of extra work but you can easily monitor your car while its parked and the vehicle turned off.

Be Protected – Show the Truth

When you are involved in an accident or capture something amazing your camera will be there for you. Your recorded footage can be easily shown in a variety of ways.


Use Your Camera

Playback videos using your camera’s LCD screen.


Your TV

Plug in a mini-HDMI cable and watch it on your TV.


On Your Computer.

Transfer files and watch your videos in the DOD Video player.