BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam

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Waterproof External Rear Camera

Dual 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam

Dual Sony STARVIS Sensors

60FPS Front Cam

Ideal for most large vehicles

Angle of View – 139° Front /116° Rear

80°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

15m Waterproof Coax Cable

In-built Wi-Fi & GPS

Rear IR Lights for Better Night Vision

Cloud Connectivity – Live Tracking/Alerts

BlackVue Viewer – MAC & PC Compatible

Supports up to 256GB Micro SD Card*

Included 64GB Micro SD Card

Included Hardwire Cable

Exclusive 3-Year BlackVue Warranty*

Upgrade Memory Card


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*Exclusive 3-year BlackVue Manufacturer Warranty – any BlackVue DR770X Dash Cam purchased from Dash Cam Australia qualifies for an exclusive 3-year BlackVue manufacturer warranty. After purchase, the BlackVue Dash Cam must be registered with BlackVue Australia for the exclusive 3-year camera warranty (accessories and Micro SD cards come with standard 12 month warranty).

**Buyer beware of unauthorised BlackVue sellers who are not exclusive to the 3-year BlackVue warranty.


The BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam is the latest 4th generation Dash Cam in the BlackVue TRUCK series. This is a commercial Dash Cam tailored for heavy vehicles.

The main change brought by the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Series is tweaked video quality via an updated processor (CPU) and image processing software. The DR770X [TRUCK] Dash Cam produces crisper Full HD videos than its predecessors.

The rugged, IP69K external waterproof rear camera has been redesigned for a more modern  look.

BlackVue is one of the global leaders in Dash Cam design and functionality and have an enviable reputation as being one of the market leaders. The release of the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam plays to the premium reputation of BlackVue and proves once again, BlackVue are at the forefront of Dash Cam technology and excellence.

The BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] is a dedicated commercial Dash Cam model for trucks and heavy vehicles. The DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] model contains 2 cameras, one camera to record the road ahead and one IP69K rated waterproof rear camera that can be mounted outside the vehicle. The DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam maintains all the characteristic features that are expected from BlackVue.

The prestige, elegance and functionality you expect from BlackVue is maintained, with inbuilt Wi-Fi, inbuilt GPS, 256GB storage capacity, cloud connectivity and one the best Dash Cam designs.

The BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] is the most effective solution for trucks requiring a rugged, externally mounted camera. Both cameras record in 1080P FULL HD while both the front and rear cameras contain the Sony STARVIS sensor. The DR750X-2CH PLUS TRUCK also records at 60FPS for smoother videos. Not only is this Truck Cam popular on trucks, it is just as popular on utes, dual-cab utes, trailers, motorhomes and caravans. The Parking Surveillance Mode feature with impact and motion detection (requires installation of the included hardwire cable of hardwire kit) not only monitors your vehicle from damage/vandalism, but can also monitor your depot by cleverly positioning your vehicle.

The DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] comes with a solid 3-year BlackVue manufacturer camera warranty* and a 12 month warranty on accessories.

The notable features of the BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam include:

1. Dual 1080P FULL HD resolution + dual 2.1 MP Sony Starvis sensors. Both front and rear cameras of the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] Dash Cam incorporate the Sony Starvis sensor for exceptional Full HD video quality, especially under low light conditions. Further more, the 60FPS recording on the front camera offers smoother and cleaner video quality with reduced motion blur.

2. Rugged, waterproof rear camera of the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] is built to withstand most weather conditions. Its Ingress Protection rating (IP69K) means it can withstand intense power washing.

3. The separate waterproof external rear camera utilises 6 x IR lights to enhance dim/dark conditions. The external rear camera allows you to monitor not only the road behind, but also cargo loading and unloading operations.

4. BlackVue include customisable video quality options so you can boost the Full HD video quality even further. “Extreme” recording mode option bumps the front camera bit rate up to 25 Mbps. This further improves the video quality by sharpening details and reducing video “noise”.

5. Cloud compatibility via the BlackVue CM100LTE 4G external module (optional add-on) for those customers wanting to use the BlackVue “Over The Cloud” feature. The cloud feature allows users to tap into the camera while away from it and also receive notifications while parked. The CM100LTE is an external 4G LTE module that plugs directly into the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] allowing the BlackVue cloud feature to be used. All that is required is a nano sim card (BYO) and once the camera has power, so does the CM100LTE module, making the need for an external Wi-Fi hotspot redundant. If the BlackVue cloud connectivity is not required, there is no requirement for this module. All other features and functions of the DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] are operational without this module.

6. Pre-buffered parking mode recording which captures the 5 second lead up to the triggering event (motion or impact triggers). The BlackVue DR770X-2CH [TRUCK] has internal voltage monitoring that will shut the camera down once the set cut off voltage has been reached (parking mode requires installation of the included hardwire cable into the fusebox).

7. The characteristic BlackVue Dash Cam design is clean and minimal which blends into all car interiors while adding an element of prestige and quality.

8. Large 256GB compatible Micro SD card capacity to hold up to 37 hours of total video files at default settings.

9. A wide 139° angle of view on both cameras captures maximum action around your car.

10. Event File Overwrite Protection. Up to 50 important files can be locked and protected from loop recording. Simply press the touch sensor on the side of the camera and that video file can be locked and protected.

11. Intuitive BlackVue App and BlackVue software player allowing you to stream/watch video files or configure the camera with ease.

12. High operational temperature resistance at 80°C for impressive heat durability.


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1. Third party Micro SD cards are not recommended for use in Blackvue Dash Cams due to performance issues. BlackVue only recommends use of BlackVue genuine Micro SD cards. Non-genuine Micro SD cards can adversely affect a BlackVue Dash Cams performance.

2. We recommend the hardwire cable is installed into the fusebox by a qualified auto electrician.







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