Vicovation MORY – New 2018 Entry Level Dash Cam

June 2018 welcomes the release of the new $199.00 Vicovation MORY single channel Dash Cam.

The Vicovation MORY has entered the competitive entry level market but offers some seriously high build qualities and performance which is rare at this price point.

Vicovation produce the very successful OPIA series Dash Cams for the higher performance Dash Cam market but still wanted to offer customers an entry level option, hence the MORY Dash Cam was born.

After extensively testing and using the Vicovation MORY, this is what we liked:

1. Size & Design – The Vico-MORY Dash Cam is smaller than a credit card. Compared to a credit card, it’s height is slightly shorter and the width is about the same. The thickness of the camera is very slim, especially since the lens sits almost flush with the body. The MORY lens does not protrude out of the body like on most other units. The matt black body is solid and doesn’t shine or standout on your windscreen. The button positioning is clever as Vicovation placed them around the edges of the body. This allows for a larger 3 inch LCD screen since the buttons aren’t placed around the screen on the back of the unit. The LCD screen clearly shows what the camera is recording and you know the camera is aligned correctly all the time. A screen saver can be activated which blacks out the screen (camera still records) and comes back on at the push of a button.

2. Mount Options – Vicovation have thoughtfully supplied 2 mounts in the MORY box – a suction mount, and a 3M adhesive mount. Both mounts are very short and slim which makes the MORY sit closer to the windscreen without sticking out too far. This means it can fit easier behind more rear view mirrors. Both mounts are on a ball and socket joint so the MORY can be rotated to face the side windows – comes in handy if a road rager approaches your car. Most entry level Dash Cams only offer one generic mount which are usually quite large and obtrusive.

3. Inbuilt GPS – The MORY Dash Cam incorporates an inbuilt GPS module which tracks and imprints the vehicle speed and coordinates onto the footage. When watching the video files in the free Vicovation MORY player on a computer (windows compatible), the vehicle location can be seen on a Google map overlay. Most Dash Cams in the entry level range offer an optional external GPS antennae sold separately. This means that you have an additional cost and an additional module to mount on your windscreen. Not an issue with the MORY.

4. User Friendliness – The Vicovation MORY is probably the simplest and easiest LCD Dash Cam we have operated. The menu is very neat and well laid out, the buttons have simple, functional uses and the user experience we find is very fuss-free. The LCD screen is clear and offers easy menu navigation.

5. Video Technology – The Vicovation MORY boasts 1080P FULL HD resolution + the quality Sony EXMOR IMX323 CMOS sensor + WDR Technology – this trio produces some of the best video quality, both day & night, in the entry-level market. It is also equipped with a large f/1.8 lens aperture. The large f/1.8 lens aperture complements the Sony EXMOR sensor by allowing maximum light to flood into and reach the sensor. Low light enhancement and video clarity is boosted both day and night. Most entry level Dash Cams have no name sensors and very small lens apertures.

6. Ultra Wide Angle of View – The massive 160° angle of view captures and records maximum areas to the left and right sides of your vehicle.

7. 70°C Operational Temperature Resistance + 80°C Storage Temperature Resistance –  Vicovation have used quality internal components making the MORY dependable under all driving conditions.

The Vicovation MORY has a unique Parking Surveillance Mode feature which works well but is very different to what we are used to. The Vicovation MORY contains an quality internal battery that can independently power the Dash Cam for a short amount of time without power from the cig lighter socket. The internal battery can provide up to 50 minutes of independent power in parking mode. After enabling parking mode in the menu, the MORY will automatically switch into parking mode recording when you turn off your ignition. The MORY knows when power is cut to the cig lighter socket (engine off) and switches over to parking mode. While in parking mode, the MORY will stay on for up to 50 minutes and record any motion or impact triggers. When you re-enter your car and turn on your ignition, the MORY automatically switches back into normal driving recording and the internal battery charges up again ready for the next time you park. If you don’t need or want to use the parking mode feature, you can simply turn it off in the menu.

The independent battery power also comes in handy if you need to remove the Dash Cam from the car and record something happening outside the vehicle.

Unfortunately the MORY cannot be connected to a hardwire kit for longer parking mode recording. Parking mode only activates and operates correctly when the MORY detects the power cut from the car cig lighter socket (engine off). If connected to a hardwire kit, it will not know when to activate. The parking mode feature of the MORY is great for short stops like at a supermarket or quick drop offs/pick ups.

The Vicovation MORY has some impressive specs for the price and will be a popular choice for customers looking in this price range. Vicovation have done a great job offering good design, features and video quality all for a good price.

Click here to check out further details and videos on the Vicovation MORY product page.

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