The Best 2023 Dash Cams By Category

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Below is a straight to the point guide on some of the best 2023 Dash Cams per category:

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The 2023 Dash Cams that will give you the best chance at picking up details like license plates:

BlackVue DR970X-2CH – 4K front camera resolution, highest resolution in any Dash Cam. 8.0MP front lens. Has the capability to increase the video quality by increasing the “bit rate” for more demanding/high speed driving.

FineVu GX1000-2CH – 2K 1440P front AND rear resolution, 5.1MP lens’ in both front AND rear, Sony Starvis sensors in both front AND rear.


The best bang for your buck Dash Cams in 2023:

The FineVu Dash Cam range. Most 2-channel front & rear models are under $500.00. All FineVU Dash Cams have excellent all-round performance and park mode features. 3 year Dash Cam warranty. Can’t go wrong with a FineVU.


The 2023 Dash Cams with the best park mode features:

FineVU GX1000-2CH – 10 seconds buffered park mode files to capture 10 seconds before an impact or motion trigger. Ai damage detection which alerts you to which area of the car has been hit. Ai heat monitoring to keep the Dash Cam recording in a hot parked car longer.

Blackvue DR770X-2CH – 5 second buffered park mode files to capture 5 seconds before an impact or motion trigger. Dual Sony Starvis sensors for improved nighttime quality.


The 2023 best 4K Dash Cam:

BlackVue DR970X-2CH Dash Cam


The 2023 best 2K Dash Cam:

FineVU GX1000-2CH Dash Cam


The 2023 best entry-level Dash Cam:

Abee M638G Dash Cam – small, reliable, no frills model. Plug and play. Run around Dash Cam – shops, school/sport drop offs.


The 2023 best Dash Cam for ease of use:

FineVU GX7000-2CH – best LCD we have ever supplied. Touchscreen for easy settings changes and video playback.


The 2023 Dash Cam with the best profile:

FineVU GX1000-2CH – front Dash Cam is ultra slim and sits flush up against the windscreen. The GX1000 front camera would have the best chance at fitting behind the rear view mirror as it hangs down the least. Once installed, the GX1000 front camera has an original, integrated look. It actually looks like a part of the original car (like a rain or ADAS sensor).


The best 2023 Dash Cams with large storage capacity:

Lukas QVIA QR790 & Lukas QVIA AR790 – both can take up to a maximum 512GB comaptible Micro SD card which is currently the largest capacity.


The 2023 Dash Cam with the best rear camera:

FineVU GX1000-2CH – The GX1000 rear Dash Cam records in 2K 1440P resolution, has the Sony Starvis sensor and is also 5.1MP so the rear video quality is the best in our range.


The 2023 Dash Cams with the best warranty:

Both FineVU Dash Cams and BlackVue Dash Cams offer a 3 year warranty on the Dash cams and 12 month warranty on the accessories.


The best 2023 cloud Dash Cams:

The BlackVue X series Dash Cams. When provided with a BYO hotspot and BlackVue cloud account, you can tap into the BlackVue X series models and monitor the vehicle while you are away form it. You can also receive notifications  of events while parked.


The best 2023 tamperproof Dash Cams:

BlackVue X and Lukas AR790 Dash Cams. The front cameras have an optional tamper case to prevent drivers/passengers from accessing the power cord connection or Micro SD card.


The best 2023 commercial Dash Cams:

BlackVue Rideshare & TRUCK Dash Cams. The BlackVue truck Dash Cam has a waterproof external rear camera while the IR models have a driver facing camera.


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