Dash Cam

Vicovation 52mm CPL Filter


Genuine Vicovation 52mm dia. CPL filter

Designed for Marcus series Dash Cams

Designed for OPIA 2 Dash Cam

Reduce glare/reflection from windscreen that can obstruct details in footage

Product Description

Vicovation CPL Filter features:

  • Designed for Vicovation Marcus Dash Cam series & OPIA 2 Dash Cam
  • Must be used in conjunction with the Vicovation Quick Release Cradle
  • Made of high quality optical AGC glass
  • Ultra slim frame design
  • 52mm diameter, AR coating (anti-reflection coating)
  • Reduce or eliminate reflection/glare from windshield that can hide details in footage
  • Black rimmed glass

Please note: The Vicovation CPL screws onto the Vicovation Quick Release Mount. This must be purchased additionally for the Marcus 4 Dash Cam. The Quick Release Mount comes standard with the OPIA 2 Dash Cam.

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