FineVu Hardwire Cable

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Genuine FineVu Accessory

Provides Constant Power to Dash Cam

Allows Parking Mode Recording

Direct Hardwire into Fusebox

Prevents Vehicle Battery From Fully Draining

Voltage & Timer Cut-Off Settings Configurable via Camera Settings

Multiple Voltage Cut-Off Points

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This dedicated FineVu Hardwire Cable is for use with our FineVu Dash Cams

Allows the intuitive Parking Mode features of the FineVU Dash Cams to operate by providing constant power to the Dash Cam when the engine is off

Voltage protection settings and Timer cut off settings configurable via the camera settings

Voltage protection prevents your car battery from draining

Direct wire installation into the fusebox

Yellow wire = Battery/”Constant or Always On” Circuit

Red wire = ACC/”Switched” Circuit

Black wire = Ground

3.0 metre cable length

4 Voltage Cut-Off Points – 11.6/11.8/12.0/12.2 V

4 Timer Cut-Off Points – 3/6/9/12/24 hours

Note 1: The FineVu Dash Cams will operate without this hardwire kit via the supplied power cord plugged into your cigarette lighter socket. You just won’t be able to use the Parking Mode feature this way as it will shut down when the engine is off. Do not chop the standard FineVu power cord (included in the box) and feed the wires directly into the fusebox. You will void the warranty and damage your Dash Cam. Always hardwire via this FineVu hardwire cable.

Note 2: It is highly recommended that any hardwire kit be installed by a certified/qualified Auto Electrician with Dash Cam installation experience. The hardwires need to piggy back off particular circuits in the fusebox. You do not want to tamper with essential safety circuits like airbags or other safety system circuits. Cutting the black cord to the camera body will void any warranty.

Note 3: Hardwiring any item to your fusebox could void a new car warranty. Always check with your car manufacturer/dealer before installing a hardwire kit.  Always check with your car manufacturer/dealer if a hardwire kit is compatible with your vehicle electrical system before installing.