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TOP PICK Dual Dash Cam

Best Video Quality

DUAL 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam


DUAL Ultra Wide Angle of View


65°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

IN-BUILT Ultra Fast 10Hz GPS Processor

Wi-Fi Connectivity to DOD App

Large f/1.6 Lens Aperture – Super Low Light Performance

Ultra High ISO Range up to ISO 12800

Automatic Parking Surveillance Mode

One-Touch SOS/Emergency Record Button

Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card

INCLUDED 32GB SD Card & Front CPL Filter

Add Memory Card

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1. 32GB MICRO SD CARD (Valued at $29.95)

2. FRONT CPL FILTER (Valued at $49.00)

DOD (Dream of Digit-Tech) are one of the most innovative and respected Dash Cam manufactures in the world. With a quality range of Australian Award Winning single-channel Dash Cams, dual-channel Dash Cams and a dedicated Motorbike camera, DOD are market leaders in Dash Cam technology. The DOD Dash Cam range offers user friendly units with exceptional quality and reliability. DOD Dash Cams incorporate the largest lens apertures on the market for exceptional video clarity, the highest ISO values for low light enhancement and the fastest GPS data update rates for accuracy.

The DOD RC500S-2CH is one of the latest 2-channel DUAL 1080P FULL HD Dash Cams on the global market. This impressive unit is entering a flooded market so DOD have incorporated some of the highest spec features to set itself apart. When comparing competitor’s 2-channel specs, the DOD RC500S-2CH supersedes in almost every category.

The DOD RC500S-2CH provides Australian drivers with the best video quality on the road – both day & night.

The premium features of the DOD RC500S-2CH include:

  1. High quality build with a sleek design. The modern, cylindrical shape hides neatly and discreetly on a windscreen.
  2. The small and discreet rear camera records at 1080P FULL HD resolution. Most dual channel Dash Cams still only record at the rear in lower 720P HD which can compromise on clarity and license plate recognition.
  3. The latest SONY STARVIS sensor is incorporated in BOTH front & rear cameras. This remarkable sensor is ultra sensitive to light which enhances low light conditions at dusk/night time. Daytime clarity is vibrant and crisp both front & rear.
  4. Highest ISO value on the global market at 12800. This feature, in conjunction with the SONY STARVIS sensor, produces some of the most enhanced low light footage on the market. These are essential features when driving at night time or utilising Parking Surveillance Mode at night. Most other 2-channel units have max ISO values at 3200 that mostly produce darker and dimmer footage under low light conditions.
  5. Ultra large f/1.6 lens apertures on both cameras allow more light to flood in and reach the SONY STARVIS sensor, further improving clarity and video quality. Most 2-channel Dash Cams on the market have much smaller f/2.2 or f/2.4 lens apertures that restricts light reaching the sensor.
  6. IN-BUILT, Ultra Fast 10Hz GPS processor that records and updates vehicle speed and location data 10 times per second. This produces imprinted speed and location data on videos that is far more accurate and reliable. Most other Dash Cams available have lower 1Hz refresh rates (1Hz = data only updated once per second = lag).
  7. Temperature resistance rated to 65°C which ensures this Dash Cam doesn’t shut down, malfunction or restart on our summer hot days. Most 2-channel Dash Cams around are only rated to a lower 55-60°C.
  8. Ultra Wide Angle of View on both front and rear cameras allows you to capture and record more cars driving around you. 145° and 140° angles for front and rear cameras respectively. Most competitor 2-channel units have a max 129°-130° angle of view cutting off some important action around your car.

In addition to the features above, the DOD RC500S-2CH also has:

  1. Large 128GB storage capacity (to record approx. 12 hours of footage per camera before looping over)
  2. One touch Emergency Record/SOS button to quickly and easily lock the current video file and protect it from being looped over
  3. Automatic Parking Surveillance Mode activation and deactivation for seamless switching between driving and parking mode recording (both motion and impact detection are recorded in Parking Surveillance Mode – Hardwire Kit required)
  4. Wi-Fi connectivity to your smartphone or tablet via the dedicated DOD App (to view/transfer files and change camera settings)
  5. Supercapacitor for ultra long lasting reliability in the heat
  6. Custom Text can be imprinted on the video files with driver name, car make/model or number plate etc…to allow easy identification of video file
  7. G-sensor for Impact Detection while driving and to detect bumps and knocks in Parking Surveillance Mode
  8. An included removable front CPL filter to help reduce windscreen glare and reflection. CPL filter securely screws over the lens.
  9. An included quality 32GB Micro SD card
  10. Speed Camera Alerts* to warn you of approaching fixed speed cameras, common mobile speed camera “hot-spots” and other road safety zones.
  11. Dedicated DOD Player viewer that is both MAC and Windows compatible. Google Maps overlay allows you to see car location and speed in sync with the viewed footage

The DOD RC500S-2CH video quality is world class thanks to its new market leading technologies and features never before seen in any other dual channel Dash Cam.

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1.Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine Samsung EVO (click here for Micro SD card information)

2.Do NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a DOD Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty**

3.*Speed Camera data under license from HERE Maps. DOD do not guarantee reliability and accuracy of speed camera locations.



Check out the DOD RC500S-2CH performance under varying driving conditions. Increase the resolution to 1080P via the cog wheel on the bottom right of the clip for the true video quality