Power-Plus Premium Hardwire Kit

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Dash Cams Australia Top Pick

Premium, Fully Featured Hardwire Kit

Universal Hardwire Kit

Car Battery Discharge Prevention Device

Provides constant power to Dash Cam when engine is OFF

Required to utilise Parking Mode Function

Low-Voltage Prevention

High Temperature Protection

Timer Function

Surge Protection


Power Plus Premium Hardwire Kit: Your Smart Car-Battery Power Management Device!

The Power Plus Hardwire Kit is a Battery Discharge Prevention Device that connects to your car battery and provides constant power to your Dash Cam when the engine is turned off. Essentially the hardwire kit is connected into your fuse box and your Dash Cam power cord plugs into the female accessory socket on the hardwire kit (the Dash Cam must have a cig lighter power cord to connect to the Power Plus). This is an essential kit if you wish to utilise the Parking Surveillance Mode function on your Dash Cam (check if your Dash Cam has this feature).

During Parking Surveillance Mode, your Dash Cam needs a constant power supply and will detect and record any motion or impact while you are away from the car. The Power Plus intelligently monitors your car battery voltage and when the battery reaches the low voltage set point set by you, it will automatically cut power to the Dash Cam preventing your battery from draining and jump starting.

The Vicovation Power Plus also has a quick and easy power cut-off switch for when you want to turn the Dash Cam off completely when parked e.g. when it is garaged or in a secure location when you don’t want to monitor your car.

The Power Plus is our top pick Hardwire Kit due to it’s reliability, high quality build and has extra protection features for both your car and Dash Cam.

Power Plus provides multiple protection features including:

1. Low Voltage protection for your car battery – 7 low voltage cut off options
2. High Temperature protection for your Dash Cam
3. Additional Timer Mode option – will cut power after a set time
4. Over-Current/Surge protection for your Dash Cam

*Note 1: All Dash Cams will operate without a hardwire kit via the supplied power cord plugged into your cigarette lighter socket. You just won’t be able to use the Parking Mode feature powering the Dash Cam this way as it will shut down when the engine is off.

*Note 2: The Power Plus Hardwire Kit is compatible with all Dash Cams that have a cig lighter power cord, however when using with a non-Vicovation Dash Cam, please ensure the “ACC restore re-boot” setting is disabled for smoother operation.

*Note 3: It is highly recommended that the Power Plus be installed by a certified/qualified Auto Electrician with Dash Cam installation experience. Ask your installer to place the module somewhere discreet but accessible (like in the glovebox or passenger footwell) should you want to turn the hardwire kit off or change settings. This is handy if you park in your secure home garage and don’t need/want to record while your engine is off. Ensure no hardwire kit or Dash Cam wires are cut during installation. Cutting any wires will void any warranty.

*Note 4: Hardwiring any item to your fusebox could void a new car warranty depending on the manufacturer and dealer. Ensure you check this with your car manufacturer and dealer before purchasing and installing.  Ensure you also check with your car manufacturer if this hardwire kit is compatible with your vehicle electrical system before purchasing and installing.

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Low Voltage protection

Power-Plus will periodically auto-detect your battery voltage status, and cut the power if the voltage drops below the configured value (11.6/11.8/12.0/12.2/12.4/12.6V or 23.2/23.4/23.6/23.8/24/24.2/24.4/24.6V) to prevent your car battery from draining and requiring a jump start.


temp-1Over Temperature protection

During summer months, internal car temperatures raise extremely high if your car is parked car outside in direct sunlight. High temperatures could damage your Dash Cam while in operation. Power-PLUS built-in thermo sensor will cut-off power and shut down your Dash Cam if the temperature exceeds the set value. (Off /50°/55°/60°/65°/70°/75°C) *(Off /122°/131°/140°/149°/158°/167°F)


Timer protection

If you switch into Timer Mode, Power-Plus will cut off power when the time lapses, based on your setup time (2/6/12/24/48/72hrs). The low voltage and over temperature protection also work while in timer mode.


Over Current/Surge protection

Power-Plus will detect abnormal over current status and cut power off to prevent any damage to your Dash Cam. Additionally, the Power-Plus is built in with an extra fuse box (2A), to have extra protection if anything goes wrong such as incorrect installing or short circuit.


The Perfect Power Device for Smart Parking Mode on any Dash Cam!

Compatible with all Dash Cams with Parking Mode function, providing full protection + continuous recording when you are away from your. Power-Plus is the best companion to enable this 24/7 continuous monitoring function.

Built-in Digital Display/Backlight LED, easier to monitor/control

Backlight LED enables users to have clear display of the car-battery voltage and setup control, even at night. It contains 3 handy control buttons for ease of use with a clear LED friendly display.

Power-Plus is 100% compatible with all Dash Cams. Please Note: Some Dash Cams may not include the Smart Parking Mode function.


Multi Input Power Type, DC12V/24V all in one

No matter if your car is running a DC12V or 24V battery, Power-PLUS will auto-detect the voltage input to display different programmable menu setting. It’s automatic.


Multi-Switch to Select Normal mode and Timer mode

Normal mode provides low voltage and over temperature protection at the same time. Timer mode provides both low voltage and over temperature + additional timer cut-off when your set time lapses. There is a switch on the side of Power-Plus for you to easily switch between either modes.


Easy Programmable Settings

Users can select their own settings of cut-off voltage, temperature, and time depending on their needs. It’s all clearly displayed in a user friendly menu.


Main Switch to Select Activate/Bypass for Different Parking Environment/Situation

You can easily select to turn the Power-Plus OFF depending on different parking environment/situations. For example, you may switch to “Bypass (=OFF)” while parking at home in a garage. This saves memory space and car battery power. Alternatively switch to “Activate (=ON)” when you want to use the Parking Surveillance Mode.

Switch to Activate: Power-Plus provides power to the Dash Cam while the engine is both ON and OFF.
Switch to Bypass: Power-Plus provides power to Dash Cam ONLY when the engine is on. When the engine is off, the Power-Plus provides NO power to the Dash Cam.

*Dash Cams Australia highly recommend using a qualified auto-electrician to install your hardwired Dash Cam system.