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Dual 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam

Dual Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensors

Intelligent Ambarella A12 Chipset

Angle of View – Front 135° /  Rear 130°

70°C Heat Resistance – Quality Components

Supercapacitor Reliability

Parked Recording Recommended

Advanced Parking Mode Features

Pre-buffered Parking Mode Recording

Wi-Fi Connectivity – iOS / Android

SOS/Emergency File Locking Button

Integrated GPS mount

BlackSys Player – MAC & Windows Compatible

Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card

Included 32GB Micro SD card


Add Memory Card




The BlackSys CH-200 is a customer favorite and one of our most popular 2-channel Dash Cams. This 2-channel model delivers the best combination of performance, advanced features, reliability and value. The BlackSys CH-200 fills the need in the Australian market for a more accessibly priced, high quality 2-channel Dash Cam that reliably performs while driving and when parked.

It is a DUAL 1080P FULL HD model with high quality Sony EXMOR CMOS sensors in both the front and rear cameras. The BlackSys CH-200 showcases advanced features and functionality making this a confident Dash Cam for great all round performance while driving and parked.

The BlackSys CH-200 offers a fresh design with a premium look and feel. The lack of a screen allows for a flatter and slimmer design than most Dash Cams. When looking at the Dash Cam from outside the vehicle, the thin and flat design fades into the car interior. The rear camera is small and not distracting on the rear windscreen. The Emergency Record button is tactile and well placed. When pressed it will separate and mark an “Event” file so you can easily find the important footage later on.

The BlackSys CH-200 is Wi-Fi enabled so can pair to a compatible smartphone (iOS and Android*) and controlled via the free BlackSys App. The GPS processor is built into the mount and will log the vehicle speed and coordinates while stamping this data onto the footage. When viewing video files via the free BlackSys Player (MAC and Windows compatible), the vehicle location can be seen on a Google Map overlay. It supports up to a 128GB Micro SD card allowing it to store the largest amount of video files while driving or parked. A high quality BlackSys 32GB Micro SD card comes included in the box.

The brains of the BlackSys CH-200 is the intelligent Ambarella A12 chipset which is the most powerful processor available for a Dash Cam. The Ambarella A12 allows for excellent settings customizability while ensuring the Dash Cam operates seamlessly.

Additional excellent and useful features of the BlackSys CH-200 include:

1. Customization and Configurable Settings

The BlackSys CH-200 has excellent configurable settings allowing the user to get optimum use out of the Dash Cam for their particular needs.

For example:

– the Micro SD card can be partitioned by selecting the % of space dedicated for driving files, parking mode files and impact/event files. So if you park up for a couple of days, you can reduce the driving file space to 10% and the parking mode file space to 80%. This means there is less chance the parking files will be overwritten by other types of files.

–  the G-sensor impact sensitivity can be separately set in both driving mode and parking mode. So if you want low sensitivity while driving (to reduce false activation from speed humps) but the highest impact sensitivity during parking mode, you can set the impact sensitivities independently of each other.

– during parking mode the motion detection scanning area of both the front and rear cameras can be tailored. You can have a long and wide motion scanning area, or a short and narrow area depending on your needs.

– camera settings can be changed in either in the intuitive BlackSys App or in the BlackSys video player for extra convenience.

2. Advanced Parking Mode Features

The BlackSys CH-200 has some of the most useful and reliable Dash Cam Parking Mode features around to give you confidence while you are away from your vehicle (BlackSys hardwire cable required).

For example:

a. Pre-buffered Parking Mode recording with motion & impact detection. The BlackSys CH-200 Dash Cam records 30 second parking mode files when triggered by motion or impact. This is split into 10 seconds before the trigger and 20 seconds after the trigger. This means if someone quickly drives/walks past your car and damages it, you will capture the 10 second lead-up to the incident. Most current pre-buffered Dash Cams record a shorter 5 second buffer before a trigger and some models only record after a trigger. This means that by the time the culprit has moved on, the Dash Cam has just woken up to record. You could lose the very important lead up circumstances before an incident.

b. Time-Lapse Parking Mode option. The BlackSys CH-200 also supports the option to continuously record while parked. In time-lapse parking mode, it records at 1 frame per second continuously which allows you to review around 7 minutes of footage in just 30 seconds. Time lapse parking mode can be used to save alot of SD card storage space when parked in very busy areas or parked for days on end.

c. Micro SD card partitioning to allow you to allocate to a max 80% of the card space for parking mode files. This is great as the parking mode files won’t be overwritten by normal mode driving files.

d. The motion detection areas and motion sensitivity around your car can be tailored. The G-sensor impact sensitivity can also be tailored when in parking mode depending on your needs.

e. Four voltage cut off options to protect your vehicle battery from draining (when hardwired with the BlackSys hardwire cable)

f. Tailor the activation time of parking mode after you turn off your ignition. You can start parking mode recording after 10 seconds if you want, or after 10 minutes with other options in between.

3. File Allocation

The BlackSys CH-200 Dash Cam has the best file management/saving system we have seen. It simply saves and records 3 types of files. Each file is saved into its own separate folder on the SD card and in the App. This makes for easy searching and navigation of video files, especially as the important parking mode files aren’t jumbled up with driving mode files. The video files are marked and stored as:

Always Files – these are purely driving only files. 3 minutes long.

Event Files – these are purely G-sensor (impact) and/or manual Hazard/Emergency button files button files. 30 second files, saving 10 seconds before trigger and 20 seconds after trigger.

Motion Files – these are purely parking mode motion files. 30 second files, saving 10 seconds before trigger and 20 seconds after trigger.

In addition to the separate folders for each type of file, the video clip is stamped with the type of file – Always, Event or Motion.

4. Reliability

The BlackSys CH-200 contains supercapacitors and quality internal components. The operational temperature is rated to a high 70°C. This ensures heat reliability and ensures parking mode recording in a hot car remains active. Storage temperature is even higher at 80°C. So even if you are not recording in parking mode, this ensures the Dash Cam will start up when you jump into a hot car.

If you are looking for a 2-channel Dash Cam option that has excellent all round performance, the BlackSys CH-200 is the one. It offers advanced features, customizability and reliability. With the combination of the Ambarella A12 chipset, dual 1080P FULL HD, quality Sony EXMOR sensors and supercapacitors – the BlackSys CH-200 delivers the most outstanding performance, useful features and value.



Check out these videos for an introduction to the BlackSys CH-200 and its useful features:

(For best viewing increase the video clip resolution to 1080P via the cog wheel)






*BlackSys App can be used on Android 4.2 or later, iOS 5.0 or later

*256GB Micro SD card not recommended as performance is reduced 

*Sandisk branded cards not compatible

What’s included?

  • BlackSys CH-200 front and rear Dash Cams
  • 6m front to rear connection cord (10m cable option not available – ensure included 6m cord is adequate before purchasing)
  • Power cord for 12V/24V cigarette lighter/accessory sockets
  • BlackSys Hardwire Cable
  • 32GB BlackSys Micro SD card
  • GPS Adhesive Mount
  • User Manual
  • Cable clips
  • Spare mount adhesive tabs


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1.Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine Samsung EVO (click here for Micro SD card information)
2.DO NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a BlackSys Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty**