Abee Portable Inflator


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Compact & Convenient Size


Comfortable, Hand-held Use

Inflates Multiple Items

150 PSI Inflation Power

Large Digital Display

LED Light for Night Use

Micro USB Charging in Car or Home

1 Year Warranty

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Abee are a multi-functional device manufacturer that have been producing consumer electronic items including Dash Cams for over 20 years. After our team visited the Abee factory, the production quality and quality control exceeded our expectations. Abee are a multi-national, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who produce products for many Dash Cam brands. Many brands purchase Abee products and sell them under their own label which is testament to Abee’s reputation, production scales and reliability. We have partnered with Abee to become the sole distributor in Australia giving us access to their quality range.  Our focus with Abee was to seek and offer Australian customers reliable units, ease of use, simplicity, great specs and an affordable price point. 

We normally don’t stock items un-related to Dash Cams, but after using these inflators ourselves, we had to make them accessible to the public.

This is one of those must-have items you need either at home, in your car or on your travels.

The convenience of the Abee portable inflator is priceless thanks to its multiple uses, including:

Inflating/checking car and motorbike tyres on the go, no need to go to the petrol station pump

Inflating your flat spare tyre you never get around to checking…until you actually need it

Inflating bike tyres on the go – no need to lug the kids bikes in the boot and drive to a petrol station pump

Inflating sporting goods

Pumping up inflatable mattresses

Camping/Mountain biking/4-wheel driving adventures


The best features of the Abee Portable Inflator include:

  1. Compact and convenient operation – fits in a glovebox and backpack with ease and weighs under 500g. No power points required while using the device, the internal 2,000mAh lithium ion battery provide long lasting pumping power.
  2. Simple charging – charges up via a Micro USB cord so can charge it up while driving or at home via a 5V adaptor (adaptor not included but most phone charges have 5V output)
  3. Digital LED display – LED display allows easily toggling of the menu and clear digital readouts. Battery charge levels is also displayed so you when when to charge the unit.
  4. Powerful and comfortable –  can safely pressurise to 150 PSI while the internal vibration dampening pads provide comfortable handheld operation
  5. LED Light – illuminates your tyre to help you see in the dark
  6. Auto shut off – the inflator automatically stops pumping once the set air pressure is reached.
  7. Compatible with a variety of valves – the included nozzle adaptor and needle make the inflator compatible with many types of standard values

The Abee portable inflator is a go-to gadget for multiple tyre inflating needs. It should be a staple item while out on bike or vehicle adventures.





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