2021 Christmas Dash Cam Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching so get in early and buy that special someone a much needed Dash Cam for 2022. Most likely the receiver has probably been contemplating buying one so why not beat them to it.

With most of the country having spent some time in lockdown, there are sure to be some rusty drivers out on the road over the holiday season and into 2022.

Dash Cams make the perfect functional, practical and exciting gift that the receiver will actually use, DAILY. The Dash Cam will most likely be installed and driven around before Christmas lunch is put on the table!

With an increase in road rage, poor driving practices and lack of ownership on our roads, a Dash Cam makes a thoughtful gift that will provide the receiver a more reassuring drive in 2022.

So how do you know which Dash Cam your receiver might like? We understand this can be difficult to find out, especially if you are going to surprise them, so we have put this guide together to assist you making a choice.

If you are unsure about which model to buy, take the pressure off and grab a  Dash Cams Australia GIFT VOUCHER and let them choose!

Shipping & Stock Availability – we are aware of county wide delivery delays and stock issues with some products. We have firmed up stock with all our Dash Cam manufacturers so we do not expect any stock issues for the Christmas period. All Dash Cam orders will be shipped out for free with Australia Post via EXPRESS post with tracking and signature on delivery. We are seeing between 2-4 business days delivery via express to most parts of the country. Even though we don’t expect any lengthy delivery delays or stock issues, we do recommend you get your order in asap to avoid any disappointment or unexpected delays. For Christmas delivery Australia Post advise express postage orders must be placed on or before 20th December 2021 (for in-stock items).


Christmas Returns Policy – extended returns until January 10th 2022. Any Dash Cam purchased between November 1st – 25th December 2021 can be returned by 10th January 2022 for exchange or store credit only. Proof of purchase must be produced. Returns are only accepted on items that have been unopened, unused or unravelled. The items must be in the original, sealed, unopened and  brand new condition. Used or opened items/boxes cannot be returned. Security stickers, protective films or any shrink wrapping must not be removed.


If you want to play it safe and buy a Dash Cam that would appeal to most customers:

If you are really unsure about which Dash Cam the receiver would buy for themselves, and you want to go a safe option, look at the following:

For a front recording Dash Cam, take a look at the Abee M638G

The tiny Abee M638G Dash Cam boasts a SONY STARVIS sensor, a supercapacitor for heat reliability, in-built GPS to imprint speed on the footage and generous included accessories. Plain and simple unit for those wanting to simply record while driving.

For a front and rear recording Dash Cam, take a look at the top-selling FineVu GX5000-2CH

The FineVu GX5000-2CH is a best seller this year and boasts the longest 30 month Dash Cam warranty which is a testament to its quality. The FineVu GX5000-2CH is hands down the easiest Dash Cam to set-up and use having an LCD touchscreen.

The FineVu also has an excellent parking mode feature to record while parked and offers the best bang for your buck with great features and premium reliability.

Both models are excellent all round performers and have all the essential features you need in a Dash Cam like plug and play operation, easy to install, high quality sensors, GPS and excellent daily reliability.

Either Dash Cam model is a safe and trusted option if you don’t know what the receiver would buy.

If the receiver appreciates the best quality products and is all about quality:

For a premium, screenless front and rear Dash Cam, you can’t go past the BlackVue DR750X-2CH PLUS or the FineVU GX300-2CH

For a premium screenless front only Dash Cam, you can’t go past the BlackVue DR750X-1CH PLUS

The BlackVue DR750X PLUS models are at the forefront of Dash Cam technology and offer excellence in design, reliability and functionality.

BlackVue offer both front recording and front and rear recording X models with Sony Starvis sensors.

The FineVU GX300-2CH offers higher 1440P resolution in the front camera with the Sony Starvis sensor. The FineVU GX300-2CH cameras are smaller and have a longer 30 month camera warranty.

For a premium LCD screen Dash Cam, the FineVU GX5000-2CH is the way to go.

The FineVU GX5000-2CH is backed by the longest 30 month Dash Cam warranty which is a testament to the build quality and reliability of FineVU products.


If the receiver would want to record motion or impacts while their car is parked:

Front and rear cameras are the most effective for parking mode recording. The rear camera can pick up the actions of cars pulling into the car spot behind your vehicle or people pushing around trollies behind your car.

The most popular and reliable parking mode Dash Cams come from our FineVU and BlackVue Dash Cam range.

Reason is, they have the all important pre-buffered recording in Parking Mode, which means the Dash Cam records footage both before and after either Dash Cam is triggered by either motion or impact (FineVU = 10 second pre-recording, BlackVue = 5 second pre-recording). The pre-buffered recording can help to see the important lead up to the incident while parked.

They also have very customisable parking mode settings to allow you to setup parking mode to best suit your needs and environment.

When hardwired with their respective hardwire kits, all these Dash Cam models will record any motion or impact that occurs while parked. The hardwire kits come included with the Dash Cams.



If the receiver absolutely loves their car and is all about looks and style:

Look at the BlackVue X model Dash Cam range

The BlackVue range is one of the most stylish Dash Cam range around. They look great in cars and blend in nicely with the exterior and interior of all cars.


If the receiver would appreciate the best video quality you can currently get in a Dash Cam:

Look at the BlackVue DR900X-1CH or BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Cams

The front camera records at 4K resolution + 8MP lens for ultra sharp and clear footage.

For a more cost-effective option take a look at the FineVU GX300-2CH

The FineVU GX300-2CH front camera records in 1440P QHD resolution + 5.1MP lens and contains the Sony STARVIS sensor.


If the receiver is not the most tech savvy type would appreciate a simple set and forget Dash Cam that just does its job at recording (without too much mucking around):

For a front recording Dash Cam, take a look at the Abee Dash Cam range

The Abee Dash Cams are true set and forget units. Simple, no frills units that do what they should – record videos while driving.

For a simple front and rear recording Dash Cam, the FineVU GX5000-2CH is the way to go if the receiver would want to record while driving and parked also.

If the receiver wants a front and rear Dash Cam but would only want to record while driving, then the Abee M528GH-2CH is the way to go.

All these Dash Cam models have a screen on the unit which makes them more user friendly and fuss free to operate.

Dash Cams without screens are generally setup via an App and Wi-Fi which can confuse the non-tech savvy user or might take some time getting used to.

The LCD screens make for easy setup, easy menu access and easy video playback.



If the receiver is a bit of a tech-head and loves their tech gadgets:

Look at the BlackVue Dash Cam range and FineVU Dash Cam range

Inbuilt Wi-Fi for connection to a smartphone to stream footage and configure the Dash Cam settings. Both BlackVue and FineVU have intuitive smartphone Apps and PC viewers to watch Dash Cam footage.


If you don’t want to spend too much but don’t want to compromise on quality and features:

For front recording Dash Cam look at the Abee M638G.

It is small, cost effective and has a Sony Starvis for great video quality.

For a cost effective front and rear recording Dash Cam, the Abee M528GB-2CH or the FineVU GX5000-2CH is the way to go.

The reliability, features and inclusions offered by FineVU, rivals that of Dash Cams more than double its price.



If you want the receiver to use the Dash Cam on Christmas Day while driving to and from a celebration, ensure you purchase a compatible a compatible Micro SD card with the Dash Cam (unless they already come with one). That way the receiver will have everything they need to start using their Dash Cam gift straight away. You can add-on or upgrade the size of the Micro SD card on each product page.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or info@dashcamsaustralia.com.au or on our Live Chat tab on the site.

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From the team at Dash Cams Australia – Merry Christmas and safe driving over the holiday season!

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