Lukas Dash Cam Power Cord


Genuine Lukas Accessory

QR790/AR790/K900/V790 Compatible

4m Length

High Quality Cord

Slim & Low Profile Adapter


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Lukas are one of the leading and most professional Korean based Dash Cam manufacturers that have been specialising in high-end Dash Cam production since 2009. Korean Dash Cams and Korean made Dash Cam quality is world renowned thanks to their attention to detail during design, testing and production.

Lukas Dash Cams are premier, top of the line models that are impeccably designed, built and manufactured. The Lukas Dash Cam line up is made up of durable and reliable units that boast the highest temperature resistant ratings on the global Dash Cam market. The Lukas Dash Cam design and features are clean, professional and confident which is attributed to Lukas’ high expectations on innovation and quality.

This dedicated Lukas Power Cord is for use with our Lukas Dash Cams.

Simply plugs directly into the vehicle accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) and powers the Lukas Dash Cams while driving.

Compatible with 12V & 24V cigarette lighter/accessory sockets.

4m in length

Do not alter or cut the power cord for direct hardwiring, this will damage the camera and void the warranty. For hardwiring, the Lukas Hardwire Cable must be used.

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