DOD 512G Dash Cam


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1080P FULL HD Dash Cam

Quality SONY EXMOR Sensor

145° Ultra Wide Angle of View

65°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

Large f/1.6 Lens Aperture

Super Low Light Performance

Highest ISO Range up to ISO 12800

High Bit Rate 15Mbps – Sharper Video Quality

In-Built Ultra Fast 10Hz GPS Processor

One-Touch SOS/Emergency Record Button

Supports up to 64GB Micro SD card*

Included CPL Filter

Included 32GB Micro SD Card 

1 Year Warranty

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DOD (Dream of Digit-Tech) is one of the most innovative Dash Cam manufacturers in the world. With a quality range of single-channel Dash Cams, dual-channel Dash Cams and a dedicated Motorbike camera, DOD are one of the market leaders in Dash Cam technology. The DOD Dash Cam range offers user friendly units with exceptional build quality and reliability. DOD Dash Cams incorporate the largest lens apertures on the market for exceptional recording clarity, the highest ISO values for low light enhancement and the fastest GPS data update rates for accuracy. The integrated LCD screens allow user friendly operation while their neat design fits discreetly on the windscreen. Impact Detection, one-touch Emergency Record/SOS button, WDR technology and Custom Text features all come as standard. DOD Dash Cams, with their market leading technologies, are great performers under all driving conditions.

The DOD 512G Dash Cam is a workhorse, go-to Dash Cam that does everything you want your Dash Cam to do, plus more.

The DOD 512G Dash Cam is a popular release from DOD. This is a confident Dash Cam backed by 1080P Full HD resolution, a large f/1.6 lens aperture, the highest 12800 ISO sensitivity on the market and the impressive Sony EXMOR sensor. The combination of these features produce some of the most enhanced and detailed footage under day and nighttime driving conditions.

The high speed, in-built 10Hz GPS processor refreshes data 10 times per second to track and imprint vehicle speed and coordinates with minimal lag. The Heads Up Display (HUD) feature allows the screen to be used as a digital speedometer with compass direction. In-built G-sensor for Impact Detection, high 65° heat resistance and 145° Wide Angle of View all come as standard.

DOD has you covered. The DOD 512G Dash Cam is supplied with all inclusive accessories including – suction mount, 3M VHB adhesive mount, inbuilt GPS module, CPL filter and 32GB Micro SD card. Everything you need to start recording straight out of the box.

The DOD 512G is one of the best Dash Cam packages going around for the price. Impressive features, impeccable build quality and all inclusive accessories including CPL filter, 2 mounts and Micro SD card.

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1. Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine Samsung EVO (click here for Micro SD card information)

2. Do NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a DOD Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty*

*3. 64GB Micro SD card compatibility: the DOD 512G can accept a 64GB card when it is FIRST formatted on a computer in FAT32 format. If not in FAT32 format, an error message will show up on the Dash Cam screen. You can easily format a 64GB in FAT32 by clicking here to follow the DOD instructions.




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