BlackVue RC110F-C Rear Cam Add-on



Genuine BlackVue Rear Camera Add-on
Model: RC110F-C
1080P FULL HD / 30FPS/ Sony Starvis
Compatible with BlackVue 750X PLUS/900X PLUS
Compatible with BlackVue 770X/970X Dash Cams
Included 6m coax cable
Included mount and spare adhesive pad
BlackVue 24-month camera warranty
BlackVue 12-month accessory warranty

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The BlackVue RC110F-C is a rear camera add-on for specific BlackVue Dash Cams.

Included is a 1080P FULL HD rear camera with mount, 6m BlackVue front to rear coax connection cable, spare adhesive pad and some cable clips.

30 FPS / Sony Starvis sensor

Compatible models:

DR750X PLUS Series Dash Cams (both 1CH & 2CH models)

DR900X PLUS Series Dash Cams (both 1CH & 2CH models)

DR970X Series Dash Cams (both 1CH & 2CH models)

DR770X Series Dash Cams (both 1CH & 2CH models)

DR970X-2CH LTE 4G Dash Cam

DR750X-2CH PLUS LTE 4G Dash Cam

The RC110F-C is not comaptible with any other BlackVue model other than the above.

The RC110F-C is not compatible with standard DR750X & DR900X (non-plus version) Dash Cams. Only comaptible with DR750X PLUS & DR900X PLUS versions.