Firmware Updates For Your Dash Cam

Dash Cams are ready to use straight out of the box. They are pre-installed with the latest firmware at the time it was manufactured. Dash Cam manufacturers do however release new firmware updates. These updates could be produced for a number of reasons, which can include:

  • feedback from customers about certain settings or functions that customers aren’t happy with
  • system improvements based on continued R&D testing
  • performance improvements based on continued R&D testing
  • bug fixes
  • revised/newer functions that the manufacturer wants to incorporate

What is a Firmware update and why do it?

Firmware updates are basically programs that assist a device to function and perform at optimal levels. Manufacturers generally release firmware updates to make improvements to the devices performance. Customer feedback or manufacturer long term testing can prompt a firmware update to rectify any issues, bugs or annoying features in a device. Sometimes these bugs are only discovered after releasing a product to the market.

Updating the firmware on a Dash Cam ensures it has the latest fixes and performance upgrades. Note that firmware updates do not always satisfy every customer since some people feel that a certain feature or function did not need updating. You can always revert back to an older firmware version.

How do you install a Firmware update on your Dash cam?

Installing a firmware update on a Dash Cam takes around 5 minutes.

Never, ever download firmware files off a third party website or from a blog. You don’t know if the file is authentic, who developed it or what it will do to your Dash Cam. Using the wrong firmware can damage and corrupt your camera and will void any warranty. 

Step 1:

Your SD card should be formatted and cleared of all videos and files. This is done by formatting the SD card. IT IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED TO FORMAT YOUR SD CARD IN THE DASH CAM VIA THE MENU. Formatting instructions can found on our Formatting Blog article (click here).

Micro SD card

Step 2:

The manufacturer website should have the latest firmware updates available for downloading. If not, we can always send it through. We’ll use the Vicovation website as an example:downloading

Step 3:

Download the file and save it on your desktop. DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME otherwise your Dash Cam will not recognize it.

(If for any reason you need to re-download the file, please ensure you delete all previous files downloaded. The computer will alter the file name of an additional download if there is already an existing one on the computer. Generally a (1) will be added to additional downloads to separate the file from the original one).

Once downloaded, open up the file folder and you should see a .bin file. This is the file you want.

Download the file and save it on your desktop

Step 4:

With your SD card inserted in your computer, locate the SD card drive on the left of the pop up folder and drag ONLY the .bin file into the SD card. In the example above, the SD card is named “NO NAME” under devices.

Step 5:

Once the .bin file is on the SD card, safely eject your SD card from the computer and insert it into the Dash Cam. Ensure the Dash Cam is off prior to inserting the SD card.

Step 6:

Power up the Dash Cam.

Most firmware updates will automatically install once the camera is powered up. You will know because there will be a blank screen for about 20-30 seconds. The camera should re-boot once the firmware has been installed.

For Dash Cams that don’t automatically install the firmware, you need to go into the menu and click on “firmware update”.

Step 7:

Once the firmware is installed, format the SD card in the camera to remove the .bin file. If this step is not performed, every time your Dash Cam is powered up, it will want to re-install the firmware and keep rebooting.

Step 8:

Check the firmware version on the Dash Cam via the menu to ensure it has been updated.

Please monitor our facebook page and the manufacturer websites regularly for firmware update releases.

If you have any further enquiries or would like further assistance please contact us at or (03) 9338 8772.

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