DOD 512G Dash Cam – the new DOD LS470W

We still remember receiving the news from DOD head office that the LS470W Dash Cam would be discontinued. Understandably it was in production for over 2 years (which equates to about 10 years in electronic device time!) but we were still devastated. The DOD LS470W Dash Cam was ultra reliable, user friendly and won the Choice Australia Dash Cam of the year for 2 years in a row. That is hard to beat!

Even to this day, we receive calls from customers still using the LS470W Dash Cam and absolutely love it. We also receive new customer enquiries just checking and hoping that we still have some still in stock.

We are still feeling the pain of losing the DOD LS470W however the pain is easing with the release of the DOD 512G Dash Cam. We expressed to DOD the need for a similar camera in the Australian market – user friendly, fuss-free, ultra reliable and well priced. We worked with DOD to put together an awesome package for Australian customers that was built on the success of the DOD LS470W. The end result is the updated and re-freshed DOD 512G Dash Cam.

Moving forward, the DOD 512G Dash Cam offers the same trusted reliability and day in day out performance you would expect from DOD. The DOD 512G Dash Cam is a workhorse, go-to Dash Cam that does everything you want your Dash Cam to do, plus more.

The most impressive features include:

1. FULL HD 1080P with the benchmark Sony EXMOR sensor for high quality footage. Coupled with the Sony EXMOR sensor, DOD incorporated the highest 12800 ISO value found in a Dash Cam. High ISO values increase the sensitivity to light enhancing low light conditions significantly.

2. Largest f/1.6 lens aperture. The larger the aperture, the more light reaches the sensor for super low light enhancement and crisp daylight video quality. The DOD f/1.6 size is the largest aperture found in a Dash Cam.

3. High-speed, 10Hz, inbuilt GPS will log and imprint the vehicle speed and coordinates onto the footage. When watching the videos on a computer, the footage is watermarked with the data to provide additional evidence should you need it.

4. DOD has you covered. The DOD 512G Dash Cam is supplied with all inclusive accessories including – suction mount, 3M VHB adhesive mount, inbuilt GPS module, CPL filter and 16GB Micro SD card. Everything you need to start recording straight out of the box.

5. The DOD 512G Dash Cam takes on a fresher and more confident design. The curved and rounded edges give it a sportier and more modern look.

6. The crisp and clear LCD screen allows for fuss-free setup and daily operation. All settings can be configured on the Dash Cam itself through the well laid out menu and video files can be instantly reviewed on the screen itself.

7. Heads Up Display. The DOD 512G Dash Cam offers a heads up display feature. When activated, the screen automatically turns into a digital speedometer. The ultra fast 10HZ inbuilt GPS reduces lag providing a more accurate speed display.

The DOD 512G Dash Cam is one of the best Dash Cam packages going around for the price. Impressive features, impeccable build quality and all inclusive accessories including CPL filter, 2 mounts and Micro SD card.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or or on our Live Chat tab on the site. We are more than happy to answer any questions about the DOD 512G Dash Cam.

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