Dash Cams Can Help Protect Your Family

At Dash Cams Australia, we know all about how important a Dash Cam can be when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road.

This is why we were recently featured in an article for NSW Compensation Lawyers, about protecting your family while driving. Dash Cams are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. We want to encourage their wider usage to keep as many people safe on the road as possible. Here’s why: 

Dash Cam footage helps resolve disputes

For most families on the road, a Dash Cam can provide irrefutable evidence should a dispute arise about accountability in an accident. Dash Cam footage can protect you and your family from false accusations if an unfortunate incident occurs. This is especially important if the other driver denies responsibility when you know they were at fault. This is particularly important if you or your family is injured and there are no witnesses around.

We have seen a sharp increase in purchases from parents wanting to install Dash Cams for their P-plate licensed children. Younger, inexperienced P-plate drivers are easily intimidated by more experienced drivers and can be tricked into believing an accident was their fault. This is where Dash Cam evidence becomes valuable.

We hear numerous stories whereby innocent P-plate drivers were actually not at fault and the evidence could only be confirmed through Dash Cam footage.

Dash Cam usage can deter aggressive drivers

As we told NSW Compensation Lawyers for their article, ‘Drive Safe with Your Family’, we believe the spread of Dash Cam usage can deter negligent or hoon driving. Knowing that the hoon could be recorded may cause them to think twice about their reckless road behaviour – in the same way that red light cameras and speed cameras deter dangerous driving.

Road rage is another potential problem that Dash Cam technology and footage can hopefully help to reduce or deter. Everyone puts on their best behaviour if they know they are being recorded. 

It’s important your Dash Cam is of high quality & fit for purpose

When choosing a Dash Cam, make sure it’s a high-quality model that is resistant to high temperatures – a hot car can cause permanent damage to a cheap, low-quality models. You should also be looking for a minimum 1080P FULL HD recording resolution, to improve license plate recognition. HDR/WDR technology, a large lens aperture and wide angle of view are additional desirable features, as they will ensure your Dash Cam will record the best video footage both day and night.

If you’d like to know more about any of the Dash Cams we supply, and which one is right for you, please contact us for further advice and information.

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