Christmas Dash Cam Gift Guide 2023

Starting to think about Christmas gift buying? It’s less than 2 months away!

Christmas is creeping up very quickly so here is our 2023 Christmas Dash Cam Gift Guide wrapped up nice and early for you.

A quality Dash Cam is fantastic alternative to the same old repetitive gifts handed out at Christmas.

A Dash Cam gift offers the receiver confidence and peace of mind while out on the road or parked.

It can save the receiver time and money looking for one themselves, especially if they struggle to filter through the enormous amount of information and different models and specs.

Have confidence gifting a Dash Cam purchased from Dash Cams Australia – you know you are getting a high quality, reliable and trusted model from a trusted Australian seller.

Should the receiver need after sales support – we are a phone call, email or live chat away. We can asisst them with any after sales enquiries.


If you haven’t yet considered purchasing a Dash Cam for that special someone, hopefully this guide will get you thinking.

We all know someone that could do with a Dash Cam (if not yourself).

It could be your grandparent that isn’t as confident on the road these days.

It could be your brother or sister who is out on the road alot for work.

It could be your son or daughter who just got off their L-plates or who lives in an apartment building with a cramped car park.

It could be your mum, dad, husband or wife who keeps getting dings in the car park at school, at kids sport games or the shops.


We know customers put buying a Dash Cam on their “to do” list throughout the year, but unfortunately most purchase one AFTER an incident or altercation on the road.

Gifting someone a Dash Cam can prevent the regret that we hear all too often – “If only I got around to purchasing a Dash Cam the incident could have been recorded!!”

Hopefully you or a loved one never needs to use the footage, but if the footage is unfortunately required, wouldn’t it be nice to know the Dash Cam gift was put to good use.

People procrastinate buying a Dash Cam because there are too many models and too much info to sort through. We cut through that in this guide.


Dash Cams make the perfect functional, practical and exciting gift that the receiver will actually use, DAILY. The Dash Cam will most likely be installed and driven around before Christmas lunch is put on the table!

With an increase in road rage, poor driving practices and lack of ownership on our roads, a Dash Cam makes a thoughtful gift that will provide the receiver a more reassuring drive in 2024.

So how do you know which Dash Cam to gift this Christmas? We understand this can be difficult to know, especially if you are going to surprise them, so we have put this guide together to assist you making a choice.

If you are unsure about which model to buy, take the pressure off and grab a  Dash Cams Australia GIFT VOUCHER and let them choose!


If the receiver would appreciate the best video quality you can currently get and always buys top notch items:

Look at the BlackVue DR970X-2CH or FineVU GX1000-2CH Dash Cams

Both these Dash Cam models excel in performance and reliability.

The BlackVue DR970X front camera records at 4K resolution + 8MP lens for ultra sharp and clear footage.

The FineVU GX1000-2CH is dual 2K resolution and both cameras contain the highly regarded Sony Starvis sensor.

No Dash Cam model or brand can guarantee you pick up every license plate or every detail on the road.  If a company says that their Dash Cam does, they are lying!

The FineVu GX1000 and BlackVue DR970X models contain features that will give you a better chance at picking up harder to read details.

You can’t go wrong with either model, both FineVU and BlackVue are premium units and both offer the longest 3-year Dash Cam warranty for added confidence*.

If you want to gift a safe Dash Cam option:

If you are really unsure about which Dash Cam the receiver would buy for themselves, and you want to go a safe option, look at the following:

For a front recording Dash Cam, take a look at the Abee M638G Dash Cam.

The tiny Abee M638G Dash Cam boasts a SONY STARVIS sensor, a supercapacitor for heat reliability, in-built GPS to imprint speed on the footage and generous included accessories. Plain and simple unit for those wanting to simply record while driving.

For a front and rear recording Dash Cam, take you can’t go passed the top selling FineVu GX7000-2CH touchscreen Dash Cam.

The FineVu GX7000-2CH has been a 2023 top seller and boasts the longest 3 year Dash Cam warranty* which is a testament to its quality. The FineVu GX7000-2CH is hands down the easiest Dash Cam to operate having a nice, clear LCD touchscreen.

The FineVu GX7000-2CH Dash Cam also has an excellent parking mode feature to record while parked and offers great bang for your buck with great features and premium reliability.

Both models are excellent all round performers and have all the essential features you need in a Dash Cam like plug and play operation, easy to install, high quality sensors, GPS and excellent daily reliability.

Either Dash Cam model is a safe and sensible option if you are unsure what the receiver would buy for themselves.


If you want to gift the best all-round, “crowd pleasing” Dash Cam:

Take a look at the FineVU GX33-2CH or the BlackVue DR590X-2CH Dash Cams.

Both Dash Cam models have the essential features to reliably record while driving and parked.

They both offer solid features, solid reliability and a solid 3 year Dash Cam warranty.

The FineVU GX33-2CH and BlackVue DR590X-2CH Dash Cams are small, discreet and compact. They both have an external GPS module to record speed and location (BlackVue GPS is an optional extra). They offer Wi-Fi connectivity to a smartphone and a free app. They both also have intuitive parking mode features with pre-buffered parking mode.

Both Dash Cams are also available in just a front camera version only. You can check out the 1CH versions by clicking the links below:

BlackVue DR590X-1CH

FineVU GX33-1CH

You would have confidence handing these ones over at Christmas time. The FineVU GX33-2CH Dash Cam and BlackVue DR590X-2CH are sensible, crowd pleasing choices.



If the receiver would want to record motion or impacts while their car is parked:

Front and rear cameras are the most effective for parking mode recording. The rear camera can pick up the actions of cars pulling into the car spot behind your vehicle or people pushing around trollies behind your car.

The most popular and reliable parking mode Dash Cams currently come from our FineVU and BlackVue Dash Cam range.

Reason is, they have the all important pre-buffered recording in Parking Mode, which means the Dash Cam records footage both before and after either Dash Cam is triggered by either motion or impact (FineVU = 10 second pre-recording, BlackVue = 5 second pre-recording). The pre-buffered recording can help to see the important lead up to the incident while parked.

They also have very customisable parking mode settings to allow you to setup parking mode to best suit your needs and environment.

When hardwired with their included hardwire cables, all these Dash Cam models will record any motion or impact that occurs while parked. The hardwire kits come included with the Dash Cams.

The FineVU and BlackVue units also come with the longest 3-year Dash Cam warranty for added confidence*.



If the receiver absolutely loves their car and cares more about looks and style:

Look at the BlackVue 970X or 770X Dash Cams

The BlackVue range offers a stylish cylindrical design. They look great in cars and blend in nicely with the exterior and interior of all cars.



If the receiver is not the most tech savvy type would appreciate a simple set and forget Dash Cam that just does its job at recording (without too much mucking around):

For a front recording Dash Cam, take a look at the Abee Dash Cam range

The Abee Dash Cams are true set and forget units. Simple, no frills units that do what they should – record videos while driving.

For an operator friendly front and rear recording Dash Cam, the FineVU GX7000-2CH touchscreen Dash Cam can’t be beaten.

Both these Dash Cam models have a screen on the unit which makes them more user friendly and fuss free to operate.

Dash Cams without screens are generally setup via an App and Wi-Fi which can confuse the non-tech savvy user or might take some time getting used to.

The LCD screens make for easy setup, easy menu access and easy video playback.


If you want the receiver to use the Dash Cam on Christmas Day while driving to and from a celebration, ensure you purchase a compatible a compatible Micro SD card with the Dash Cam (unless they already come with one). That way the receiver will have everything they need to start using their Dash Cam gift straight away. You can add-on or upgrade the size of the Micro SD card on each product page.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or or on our Live Chat tab on the site.

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*3 year BlackVue and FineVU warranty applies to the cameras from date of purchase. Standard 12 month warranty applies to Micro SD cards and accessories.

Activation of 3 year BlackVue warranty requires registration of camera with BlackVue Australia. FineVU 3 year warranty automatically applies from date of purchase, no need to register with FineVu Australia.

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