BlackVue Dash Cam Comparison: DR900X-2CH PLUS vs DR750X-2CH PLUS

Considering purchasing a BlackVue Dash Cam?

Tossing up between the BlackVue DR900X-2CH PLUS vs the BlackVue DR750X-2CH PLUS Dash Cam?

What are the major differences between them?

1. Firstly, what is the same?

If you are looking to purchase the front and rear versions, the rear cameras are identical so no need to compare these.

The rear cameras on both DR900X and DR750X Dash Cam systems record at 1080P FULL HD, have the Sony Starvis sensor, same angle of view and same 30FPS frame rate.

The BlackVue App and BlackVue PC software is the same.

The parking mode feature is the same.

The design and size is the same.

Functionally and physically, the DR900X and DR750X are pretty much the the same.


2. Front Dash Cam resolution

The major differences are in the front camera video quality.

The DR900X-2CH PLUS front cam records at 4K UHD resolution and has an 8.1MP lens.

The DR750X-2CH PLUS front cam records at a lower 1080P FULL HD resolution and has a 2.1MP lens.

Therefore, the DR900X front Dash Cam footage is clearer and crisper during the day. The higher resolution and higher megapixel lens does give you a better chance at making out finer details, like number plates.

However, recording at 4K UHD and having a 8.1MP lens still does not guarantee you make out all number plates. No Dash Cam model or brand guarantee number plate recognition. 

4K UHD resolution/8.1MP lens should produce less pixelated number plates when zooming in on cars at a distance.


3. Front Dash Cam sensor + Frame Rate

One of the most notable differences between the DR900X front camera and the DR750X front camera is the sensor.

The DR750X front camera uses the well regarded SONY STARVIS sensor. This sensor provides a step up in nighttime quality.

The DR900X front camera does not use the Sony Starvis sensor.

The DR750X front camera records at a higher 60FPS frame rate. The DR900X records at 30FPS.

The higher 60FPS produces videos that are smoother and more natural, with less “motion blur”. 60FPS can also assist with making out details on faster moving objects.

Here is an independent sample video which highlights the differences in day/night video quality. Please increase the youtube video to a minimum 1080P resolution. Click the cog wheel in the bottom right and select 1080P under the “quality” tab.

4. Heat Resistance
The operational heat resistance of the BlackVue DR750X PLUS Dash Cam is rated to 85°C.
The operational heat resistance of the BlackVue DR900X PLUS Dash Cam is rated to 70°C.
Don’t let the lower temp resistance of the DR900X scare you as we have never experienced a heat related issue on any BlackVue model.
But if you want the extra piece of mind about heat resistance, the DR750X-2CH PLUS offers that.


Our thoughts

If number plate recognition is of highest importance, then the DR900X-2CH PLUS will give you a better “chance” at making out number plates.

If you want a good all-rounder, with day and night performance, the DR750X-2CH PLUS is the way to go.

The DR750X-2CH PLUS we find gives you greater bang for your buck with the front Sony Starvis sensor and 60FPS recording.

Both models will show you what happens on the road, for example if a red car cuts in front of you and forces you to brake hard, both BlackVue models will show that.

Check out the BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Cam by clicking here

Check out the BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam by clicking here

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