2024 FineVU GX4K vs GX1000 Dash Cams – Same design, so what’s different?

If you are tossing up between purchasing the GX4K vs the GX1000 Dash Cams, the comparison below might sway you either way. Both FineVU Dash Cams are premium 2024 units, and both will perform exceptionally well on a daily basis.

Does one shine over the over?

The FineVU GX4K front Dash Cam is a step up over the GX1000 front camera.

The GX4K front camera records at 4K UHD with a 8.5MP lens. This will provide you with a “better chance” at picking up finer details while out on the road, particularly during the day.

Both the FineVU GX4K and GX1000 front cameras contain the Sony Starvis sensor so low light performance is similar but the 4K model will still you give you that better 4K video evidence.

The rear camera on the GX1000 is a step up from the GX4K rear camera. The GX1000 rear camera records at a higher resolution, higher lens MP and contains the Sony Starvis sensor. Therefore, overall rear camera video is better on the GX1000.

Rear cameras are very helpful while parked to record any hit and run drivers that park behind your car. Both the GX4K and GX1000 rear camera will pick up motion behind your vehicle and you will generally see the same details in the footage during the day. Eventhough the GX4K rear camera is not as high spec, cars normally enter parking spots very slow so making out plates is not so demanding. The GX1000 rear camera will have an edge at night though because of the Sony Starvis sensor. So if you really need the best chance to see things at the rear of your car at night, the GX1000 is the way to go.

The FineVU GX4K and GX1000 Dash Cams share the same physical design, same app, same accessories and same installation procedure. Looking at the units, you can’t tell the difference.

The park mode features operate almost identically and the reliability and build quality is the same. Both come with the FineVU market leading 3 year camera warranty.

In our opinion, the FineVU GX1000-2CH has always been a great all-rounder that provides quality video evidence in most conditions – driving, parked, day & night.

The flagship FineVU GX4K, provides a higher level of confidence in the front camera but balances rear camera performance for price. FineVU want to supply a premium 4K unit at a decent price point.

You can’t go wrong with either FineVU Dash Cam.

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