2023 FineVU GX1000 vs GX400 Dash Cams – Same design, so what’s different?

Due to the popularity and acceptance of the FineVu GX1000 Dash Cam in the Australian market, FineVU has released a new variant offering customers another Dash Cam option with this fantastic design.

The FineVU GX1000-2CH Dash Cam still remains the premium offering from FineVU, boasting dual Sony Starvis sensors, dual 2K 1440P Quad HD resolution and dual 5.1MP lens’.

The FineVU GX400-2CH could be described as the younger siblings Dash Cam model offering some toned down camera specs and park mode features. This enabled a lower price point meaning more customers can grab this fantastic Dash Cam.

The GX400-2CH retains the highly popular slim, windscreen kissing design as the GX1000. The installation, included accessories and app all remain the same and so does the 3 year Dash Cam warranty*.

The GX400-2CH Dash Cam comes in at lower price mainly due rear camera changes.

The FineVu GX400 rear camera is a step down from the GX1000, using a different sensor and lower megapixel lens. The rear cameras on both models will show a person driving aggressively behind you, however the GX1000 rear cam will give you a much better chance at picking up details of the car/surroundings. The GX1000 rear camera also outshines the GX400 rear camera at night, since the GX1000 rear camera uses the SONY STARVIS sensor.

Another notable difference is the removal of the Ai Damage detection in park mode. Both the FineVU GX1000 and GX400 Dash Cams can record impacts while parked. If an impact is detected, both Dash Cams will alert the driver that an impact was detected while parked. The FineVU GX1000 Dash Cam however goes once step further. In the app you can see which area of the car was impacted making it much easier to locate the damage and find that important video file.

If you are tossing up between purchasing the GX1000 vs the GX400 Dash Cams, the comparison below might sway you either way. Our opinion is that the both FineVu Dash Cams will perform for you. The GX1000 however will give you better driving and parked video quality in the rear and is more sensitive to impact detecting.

FineVu has also recently approved the use of genuine 256GB FineVU Micro SD cards in the GX1000 and GX400 Dash Cams, which is great news for those wanting longer recording times.

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