Lukas Dash Cams – The Versatile Range Compared Back to Back

Lukas are one of the leading most professional South Korean based Dash Cam manufacturers that have been specialising in high-end Dash Cam production since 2009. Korean Dash Cams and Korean made Dash Cam quality is world renowned thanks to their attention to detail during design, testing and production.

Lukas Dash Cams are premier, top of the line models that are impeccably designed, built and manufactured. The Lukas Dash Cam line up is made up of durable and reliable units that boast the highest temperature resistant ratings on the global Dash Cam market. The Lukas Dash Cam design and features are clean, professional and confident which is attributed to Lukas’ high expectations on innovation and quality.

The Lukas Dash Cam range covers all bases. The Dash Cam range offers all 3 classes of Dash Cam for every budget and requirement – premium, mid-range and entry level. Regardless of the class, all Lukas Dash Cams are build to the same exceptional quality standards and are a proven and trusted performer while recording out on the road.

The table below summarises and compares the essential and useful features of the Lukas Dash Cam range. As can be seen, the Lukas range offers impressive features and specs across the board. Of particular note is the high temperature resistance, quality sensors, pre-buffered parking mode and large SD card capacities…..just to mention a few.

If you are interested in just the front recording version (excluding the V790-2CH), simply compare the front camera specs only.

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