2024 FineVU Dash Cam Comparison – Which FineVU Dash Cam is for me?

Stuck deciding on which FineVU Dash Cam to purchase in 2024?

FineVU Dash Cams are premium cameras with the right balance between performance and price. FineVU Dash Cams are proudly made in-house by FineVU South Korea themselves. The Koreans were the pioneers of Dash Cam technology and some higher-end South Korean brands, like FineVU, are very well respected within the industry. FineVU are one of the quiet achievers in the Dash Cam game. They have been making ultra reliable Dash Cams for over 10 years without the hype, buzz or glitz and glamour that comes with some other brands. FineVU humbly put their heads down and produce quality units without the heavier price tags. FineVU offers a confident 3 year Dash Cam warranty (12 month warranty on accessories).

In the box, FineVU also include both the hardwire cable (for parking mode recording) and the cigarette lighter cable (for those not wanting park mode recording) so you can use either cable to suit your needs.

FineVU also offers an exclusive DIY OBD-II park mode cable providing users an alternative way to power their FineVU while parked without hardwiring.

Each FineVU Dash Cam is a great performer in its own way and each has its own strong points.


The 2024 FineVU Dash Cam range can be viewed by clicking here.  


So which FineVu Dash Cam should you be looking at in 2024? Here are some pointers:


 Why go the FineVU GX7000-2CH Dash Cam?

No-brainer for a front and rear Dash Cam with an LCD screen.

Most popular choice for the non-tech savvy customer and customers who like to see live vision on the screen and visual notifications.

The best LCD Dash Cam we have supplied due to quality, features and useability.

Fuss-free, LCD touchscreen, easy set up and operation, no need to connect the GX7000-2CH to your phone and use an App.

Wi-Fi dongle is available as an optional extra if Wi-Fi connectivity is desirable. Wi-Fi dongle allows you to pair the GX7000 to your phone and use the free FineVU app.

Cost effective price point with excellent reliability and all the features you need to record while driving and parked.

Longest 3 year Dash Cam warranty. 


Why go the FineVU GX35-2CH Dash Cam?

The FineVU GX35-2CH is the smallest FineVU Dash Cam in the range – front Dash Cam is smaller than a credit card.

It is also the only FineVU Dash Cam on a swivel mount. This means you can turn the Dash Cam left or right to record at the side windows.

Next generation Sony Starvis 2.0 image sensor + 2K 1440P QHD front camera resolution – better results in challenging light conditions.

Wi-Fi connectivity and all the features you need to record while driving and parked.

Pre-buffered parking mode recording with exclusive Ai heat monitoring to keep the Dash Cam on for longer while recording in a hot parked car.

The GX35-2CH is best suited to customers wanting a tiny Dash Cam.

Longest 3 year Dash Cam warranty.  


Why go the FineVu GX400-2CH Dash Cam?

The FineVu GX400-2CH takes on a different design approach to the FineVU GX35 and GX7000 Dash Cams.

If you like the GX7000-2CH and GX35-2CH but want inbuilt GPS, the GX400-2CH is the next model to look at. Inbuilt GPS means you don’t have to stick the small GPS antenna on the windscreen.

Slimline Dash Cam design that butts up nice and flush to the windscreen.

Good hardware, good app, great features and great performance.

Pre-buffered parking mode recording.

The FineVU GX400-2CH Dash Cam would be the unit that best balances design, price and performance.

Longest 3 year Dash Cam warranty.  


Why go the FineVU GX1000-2CH Dash Cam?

The FineVU GX1000-2CH is very similar the GX400-2CH but with a beefed up rear camera.

DUAL 2K 1440P QHD resolution + DUAL Sony STARVIS sensors + DUAL 5.1MP lens’.

The GX1000 rear Dash Cam records at 2K 1440P QHD resolution and uses a 5.1MP Sony STARVIS sensor.

Better vision is captured in more demanding lighting conditions out the rear – more helpful with park mode if people park behind your vehicle.

Great all round FineVU Dash Cam both front and rear / day and night.

Super intelligent park mode features like the exclusive Ai damage detection and Ai heat monitoring.

Pre-buffered park mode recording which records a 10 second recording before the motion or impact trigger so you see a longer lead up to the actual incident.

Longest 3 year Dash Cam warranty.  


Why go the FineVU GX4K-2CH Dash Cam?

Flagship FineVU model. The FineVU GX4K-2CH has the highest spec front Dash Cam in the range.

4K Ultra HD resolution + 8.5MP Sony Starvis IMX515 sensor in the front camera.

Best front camera video quality in the FineVU range and provides best chance at picking up finer details.

Maintains all the rich FineVU features in a 4K unit.

Confident 3 year Dash Cam warranty.  


Below is a comparison table, highlighting the main features and differences between the FineVu Dash Cam range. If you need any further information on the features or specs, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or info@dashcamsaustralia.com.au or on our Live Chat tab on the site. We are more than happy to answer any questions or assist you with a Dash Cam recommendation.

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