Vicovation GPS Module


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Genuine Vicovation GPS Module

Imprint vehicle speed and location onto the footage

Compatible with all Vicovation Dash Cam models we stock


Vicovation GPS module

GPS module

GPS add-on features for all Vicovation Dash Cam models:

1.Vehicle Speed and Coordinates

The vehicle speed and coordinates will be imprinted onto the recorded footage.

2.GPS Tracking

The driving route will be recorded and can be displayed via the dedicated VicoPlayer

The features below are not available on all Vicovation Dash Cam models

Lane Departure Warning  System (LDWS)

When the preset speed is exceeded, and the vehicle drifts from one lane to another, the device will make an alert sound and show an on-screen icon to warn the departure. The preset speed can be 60/70/80 km/hr.

Over Speed Warning

If the speed exceeds the preset limit, the device will make the alert sound and show on-screen icon to remind the speeding. The preset speed limit can be 80/90/100/110/120/130 km/hr.

Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

When the speed exceeds 60km/hr, and the distance to the front car is within 5-7 meters, the device will make an alert sound and show on-screen icon to remind the possible collision.

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