FineVu GX30-2CH Dash Cam




Market Leading 3 Year Dash Cam Warranty*

Very Compact Dash Cam Design

Record while Driving & Parked

Dual 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam

Quality SONY STARVIS Front Sensor

Quality SOI CMOS Rear Sensor

 Powerful Allwinner V526 Dual Core Processor

145° Wide Front Angle of View

Supercapacitor Heat Reliability

70°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

Inbuilt Wi-Fi & GPS

Top Parking Mode Dash Cam

Pre-buffered Parking Mode Recording

One-Touch Event File Locking Button

Supports up to 128GB Micro SD card

Included 32GB Samsung Micro SD card

Included Cig Lighter & Hardwire Cable



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FineVu is the high performance Dash Cam arm of multinational parent company, Finedigital Inc., who are based in South Korea. Finedigital Inc. was established in 1992 and since then, have been manufacturing their own electronic devices, in-house. Since 1992, Finedigital started producing telecommunication equipment and solutions before they expanded their capabilities into automotive electronic systems. Over the years, we have come to appreciate and acknowledge that the South Korean made Dash Cams are some of the best globally.

We always seek Dash Cam manufacturers, like FineVU, who produce their own products in-house as they have 100% control over production, testing and quality. Different to many other Dash Cam brands, FineVu Dash Cams are not made in generic, 3rd party factories and have their logo stamped on generic products. FineVu Dash Cams are developed and produced by FineVU in-house.

FineVu pride themselves on producing ultra reliable Dash Cams and investing heavily in R&D and quality control. FineVu’s trademark is producing cost effective, ultra high quality Dash Cams with intuitive features and ease of use.

*From 1st July 2022, FineVu back their products with a Market Leading 3 Year Dash Cam Warranty (standard 12 month warranty on accessories and micro SD cards).

The GX30-2CH Dash Cam is a screenless model that incorporates Wi-Fi for connectivity to a compatible smartphone. The GX30 design is compact and also incorporates the Sony Starvis sensor and inbuilt GPS to imprint the vehicle speed on the footage.

FineVU Dash Cams are best sellers and have a proven track records of reliability and all-round performance. Whether wanting to record while driving or parked, the GX30-2CH is a compact, intuitive and smart Dash Cam system.

We consider the GX30-2CH Dash Cam to be one of the best all-round Dash Cams for its features, reliability and performance vs the price.

Why do we think the FineVu GX30-2CH is a top all-rounder:

  1. Dual 1080P FULL HD Resolution + quality CMOS sensors – the GX30 contains high end pieces of hardware built into a well priced camera. The front camera boasts the SONY STARVIS sensor which has positioned itself as one of the best Dash Cams sensors for day and night recording.
  2. Allwinner V526 Dual Core processor is the brains of the GX30 –  The V526 dual core processor ensures the GX30 operates smoothly and all the features and functions work together seamlessly. The GX30 automatically and effortlessly switches between driving and parking modes (when hardwired) making it a true set and forget Dash Cam. The dual core processor makes sure all features work effortlessly without the driver doing anything.
  3. 3 Year Camera Warranty – longest warranty offered on a Dash Cam which is testament to the build quality and confidence FineVu have in their products.
  4. Ultra Compact Design – the GX30 Dash Cam is the smallest and most compact front and rear Dash Cam in our range. FineVu have built a solid unit with high quality looks, feel and performance.
  5. ON/OFF Switch – this feature may not seem like a big deal but we think it is. When you hardwire most Dash Cams for parking mode, they will stay on and record when you park. But if you are parked at home or in a secure location and don’t need to record while parked, the only way to shut down the cameras is to pull out the cable. FineVu have included a simple on/off switch on the unit so you can shut the camera down easily. No need to pull out the cable.
  6. HDR (high dynamic range) – the FineVU GX30-2CH HDR feature automatically adjusts bright and dark environmental conditions to optimise video quality.
  7. Wide 145° front angle of view to ensure you have the best coverage and video evidence around your car without distortion or “fish bowl” effect.
  8. Wi-Fi connectivity so the FineVu GX30-2CH can connect to a compatible smartphone (iOS and Android*). The free FineVu App is easy to use and allows you to change settings and stream/download video files when next to the camera.
  9. Clear Voice Notifications – as the Fine GX30-2CH is screenless and compact, it offers very clear and simple voice notifications to let you know how the camera is operating and also to let you know if something needs attention.
  10. Supercapacitors are used rather than lithium ion batteries to excel in heat resistance and heat durability, especially when recording while parked in a hot car.
  11. Pre-buffered Parking Mode recording – the FineVU GX30-2CH Dash Cam records 20 second parking mode files when triggered by either motion and/or impact. The parking mode files are recorded 10 seconds before the trigger and 10 seconds after the trigger capturing some of the important lead up to the event. The motion detection sensitivity & G-sensor impact sensitivity can also be tailored when in parking mode depending on your particular needs. *Parking mode operation requires installation of the FineVu hardwire cable into the fusebox 
  12. Parking Mode Summary. When you re-enter the car from parking mode, a parking mode voice notification lets you know how many impacts were detected in parking mode (if any). This is fantastic as it prompts you to check for any damage on the spot and also download the impact video files straight away via Wi-Fi onto your smartphone.
  13. Micro SD card partitioning. The Micro SD card can be partitioned by selecting the % of space dedicated for driving files, parking mode files and impact/event files. The GX30-2CH Dash Cam has 4 different profiles you can choose from depending on whether you want more space allocated for driving or parking.
  14. Dedicated Folder System on the Micro SD card. The GX30-2CH intuitively stores the driving, parking and event video files in their own folder on the Micro SD card. This means you can navigate your required file much easier.
  15. Large 128GB Micro SD card capacity which can hold up to 16 hours of total video files per camera before filling up and looping over.
  16. Large, One-Touch SOS button – quickly and easily create an important emergency file. When the large emergency button is pressed, a 20 second file (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after) is separately saved in an emergency folder for easy finding later on.
  17. Free FineVu Windows PC Viewer – free PC viewer for Windows and MAC users. The FineVu PC player is companion software that allows you to watch video files on your PC via the sd card and simultaneously view the vehicle location on a google map overlay.
  18. Inclusive accessories – FineVU have included both a hardwire cable (for parking mode) and cig lighter cable in the box. Also included is a high endurance Samsung 32GB Micro SD card to get you recording straight out of the box.

The GX30-2CH Dash Cam is a solid unit and a smart choice for drivers who want excellent all-round performance while driving and parked. The GX30-2CH Dash Cam does it’s job and it does it properly. The FineVu GX30-2CH offers daily reliability, fuss-free features, intuitive operation and confidence with a 30 month camera warranty. 

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1.Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine SAMSUNG EVO PLUS or SAMSUNG PRO ENDURANCE Micro SD card (click here for Micro SD card information)
2.DO NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a FineVu Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will void the manufacturer’s warranty
3.The FineVu GX30-2CH comes with a 3 year warranty on the cameras and a 12 month warranty on all accessories. 3 year warranty qualifies on FineVU Dash Cam purchases from 1st July 2022
4. If using an external battery pack for parking mode power, the FineVu GX30 Dash Cam cannot be connected to an external battery pack (via the cigarette lighter cable) for parking mode recording. Only the FineVu hardwire cable can be used to operate parking mode. If connected to an external battery pack with the cig lighter cord, the camera cannot switch into parking mode. The included hardwire cable must always be used to activate parking mode.


Package Contents:

1 x GX30 Front Dash Cam + 1 x adhesive pad pre-applied

1 x GX30 Rear Dash Cam + 1 x adhesive pad pre-applied

1 x 6m front to rear camera connection cable (9m cable can be added as optional extra))

1 x GX30 cigarette lighter power cord

1 x GX30 hardwire cable for parking mode operation

*it is highly recommended the installation of the hardwire cable into the fusebox be done by a qualified auto electrician

1 x 32GB Samsung Micro SD card + Micro SD card adaptor

1 x spare adhesive pad for front mount

1 x spare adhesive pad for rear camera

GX30 Dash Cam User Manual

GX30 Wi-Fi Guide