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1080P Full HD Dash Cam

150° Ultra Wide Angle of View

65°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

In-built GPS 10X Speed Processor

Large f/1.6 Lens Aperture – Super Low Light Performance

ISO Range up to ISO 12800

Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) Included

3″ LCD Display

Quality, High-Efficiency Battery

Automatic Parking Mode

Heads Up Display (Speed & Compass display)

Supports up to 64GB Micro SD card*

Add Memory Card

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DOD (Dream of Digit-Tech) are one of the most innovative and respected Dash Cam manufactures in the world. With a quality range of Australian Award Winning single-channel Dash Cams, dual-channel Dash Cams and a dedicated Motorbike camera, DOD are market leaders in Dash Cam technology. The DOD Dash Cam range offers user friendly units with exceptional quality and reliability. DOD Dash Cams incorporate the largest lens apertures on the market for exceptional recording clarity, the highest ISO values for low light enhancement and the fastest GPS data update rates for accuracy. The integrated LCD screens allow user friendly operation while their neat design fits discreetly on the windscreen. Impact Detection, one-touch Emergency Record/SOS button, WDR technology and Custom Text features all come as standard. DOD Dash Cams can be rotated 360° in their mounts should you wish to record conversations from the side windows. DOD Dash Cams, with their market leading technologies, are real performers under all driving conditions.

The DOD LS470W+ Dash Cam incorporates 1080P Full HD recording resolution, large f/1.6 lens aperture and the highest 12800 ISO sensitivity on the market. These premium features produce some of the clearest and sharpest footage under night time/low light conditions. The high speed, in-built 10Hz GPS processor refreshes data 10 times per second to pin speed and location accurately while the Heads Up Display (HUD) feature allows the screen to be used as a speedometer with Over-Speed alerts. In-built G-sensor for Impact Detection, Automatic Parking Mode activation, high heat resistance, 150° Wide Angle of View and CPL filter all come as standard. Incorporated is a high quality Li-ion battery that will allow you to run the Dash Cam in Parking Mode for up to 2 hours without any external power (without hardwiring to the car battery). The clever Password Protection feature locks the menu from being accessed preventing other drivers changing or deleting anything. The DOD LS470W+ is a high-end, feature packed Dash Cam which performs confidently under all driving conditions.

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*Please note: The DOD LS470W+ has a maximum storage capacity of 64GB however this capacity cannot be formatted in the Dash Cam at first use. It must be formatted on a computer before first use – Instructions Here.

16GB and 32GB capacities can be formatted in the Dash Cam itself via the menu at first use.



1. Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine Samsung EVO (click here for Micro SD card information)

2. Do NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a DOD Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty**


An Expanded ISO Range Up to ISO 12800

10x better than conventional Dash Cams, DOD now have an expanded ISO range up to 12800. With the industry’s highest ISO range, the DOD LS470W+ Dash Cam provides the best possible footage under extremely low-light conditions.

Adjustable Circular Polarizing Filter Included
Effectively Reduces Reflected Light

Adjustable CPL filter eliminates windshield glare while enhancing saturation at the same time. It reduces unwanted reflections to ensure the best, unobstructed video quality and also protects your Dash Cam lens.

Large f/1.6 Lens Aperture – Super Low Light Performance

The LS470W+ Dash Cam possesses a large f/1.6 lens aperture, capturing more light and better night shots than conventional f/2.0. It records clear, sophisticated details such as the license plates and other surroundings.

10X Speed GPS Processor

The in-built, ultrafast GPS processor is 10 x faster than other Dash Cam GPS processors, so you have the most detailed and accurate data.

High Efficiency Battery

Larger LCD screen is supported by the high heat resistant and high quality battery.

3″ 16:9 Widescreen LCD Display

The large 3.0″ widescreen 16:9 provides easy viewing of video playback and menu navigation.

DOD GPS Player V2.0

The dedicated DOD GPS Player V2.0 allows the user to review footage in Full HD. For GPS enabled models, a Google Maps overlay shows the car location and speed at time of the footage. The DOD player is MAC and Windows Compatible.

7G Sharp Glass Lens

The Japanese made, 7 Element sharp lens is made up of 7 layers of glass providing stunning clear and non-deformed images.

150° Ultra Wide Angle of View

The LS470W+ Dash Cam incorporates a high resolution 150° wide angle lens, covering more driving lanes around your car.

Path Analysis

Path Analysis is a new function to calculate the distance, time and average speed of your journey from A to B. For example, you can find out the shortest or quickest path from your home to work- place by the data from path analyzing. It´s a very economical and practical way to save time and fuel consumption.

Advanced WDR Technology
Stunning Video in Any Light

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology provides well-balanced exposure in any light condition. It makes night shots brighter, and reduces strong light/glare to achieve the most beautiful footage.

GPS Auto Clock Correction

With the in-built 10X speed GPS processor, the LS470W+ Dash Cam can automatically correct the time by synchronising with the atomic clock.

HUD Speed Display (Speedometer)

With 10X speed GPS processor, 10X update rate provides accurate stroke-by-stroke car speed; no more last-second speed is displayed. Over-Speed alerts operate while using HUD function.
G-Sensor Automatic Trigger for File Protection
When an impact, emergency brake or a car tilt occurs, LS470W+ Dash Cam will lock and protect the present file automatically. Through this function the important files won’t be removed by loop recording.

SOS Files Locking Function

In an emergency, it allows users to protect the present file by quick press on the emergency button, protecting the file from loop recording.

Automatic Parking Mode (in conjunction with a Hardwire Kit or Cellink-B Battery Pack)

With the motion detection feature, when the car is parked the Dash Cam will start recording automatically if there is motion in its field of view without pressing any buttons. After the car starts again, it will switch to normal recording mode automatically and lock the park mode files from loop recording. To utilise this feature the Dash Cam needs to be hardwired to the vehicle via the Power Plus or DOD Hardwire kit. Alternatively, you could connect it to a DIY external battery pack such as the Cell-link B.
Supports 64GB Micro SDHC/SDXC Memory Card

Store data with Micro SDHC/SDXC card,
supporting memory card up to 64GB.
*64GB capacity with a properly formatted memory card.
Instructions Here
LS470W+ Day Street Video

File Type: MOV

(Please select 1080P resolution in the settings when viewing)

DOD Dashcam LS470W+ Night Street Video

File Type: MOV

(Please select 1080P resolution in the settings when viewing)



1080P Full HD



Frames per Second

30 FPS



Memory Card


Special Features


Viewing Angle

150 Degrees

Working Temperature

-20 ~ 65 Degrees