DOD DP4 Hardwire Kit


Car Battery Discharge Prevention Device

Provides constant power to Dash Cam when engine is OFF

Required to utilise Parking Mode Function

Low-Voltage Prevention

Product Description

The DOD DP4 Hardwire Kit is a Battery Discharge Prevention Device that connects to your car battery and provides constant power to your Dash Cam when the engine is turned off.

In Parking Surveillance Mode, your Dash Cam needs a constant power supply and will detect any motion or impact and record the footage while you are away from the car. The DOD DP4 monitors your car battery voltage and when the battery reaches the low voltage set point set by you, it will automatically cut power to the Dash Cam preventing your battery from draining and jump starting.

*Please note: All Dash Cams will operate without a hardwire kit via the supplied power cord plugged into your cigarette lighter socket. You just won’t be able to use the Parking Mode feature powering the Dash Cam this way as it will shut down when the engine is off.

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NOTE- It is highly recommended that the DOD DP4 be installed by a certified Auto Electrician.


Cord Length
1.6 meters

32V, 2A

Power Input

Power Output

Rated Output Current

Rated Output Power

Maximum Output Current

Maximum Output Power


Whats in the box?

1. DP4 Power Adapter
2. Mini fuse line
3. Low-profile mini fuse
4. ATO fuse line
5. ATO fuse
6. Low-profile fuse adapter
7. Low-profile fuse
8. Operation Manual