Cellink-B Expansion Pack

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Expansion Pack for Primary Cellink-B
Simply plugs into Cellink-B
Doubles Dash Cam running time
Up to ~68hrs running time*
No need for any hardwiring to fusebox
High Quality Samsung Li-Ion Battery
Authorised Australian Reseller


The trusted CELLINK-B EXPANSION PACK is a high quality expansion battery with exceeding reliability and performance. When combined with the primary CELLINK-B battery it offers the longest amount of recording time compared with any other model on the market. Running times include up to 40hrs for a dual channel Dash Cam and up to 68hrs for a single channel Dash Cam.  Note: This device can only be used when plugged into the primary CELLINK-B model. Run times for Dash Cameras will generally double when the CELLINK-B and CELLINK-B EXPANSION PACK are both fully charged. Charge times will double (approx 2 hours total driving time) when you add the EXPANSION PACK onto the CELLINK-B as you’re now charging double the capacity.

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More Info:

 Model Code  CELLINK B6 Expansion Pack * Must be combined with CELLINK-B to work.
 Battery Capacity  76.8 Wh  /  ~6,000mAh 12.8V =  ~12000mAh 12.8V when combined with CELLINK-B
 Input Charging Power  12Volts – 17Volts ~ 7A
 Charging Ampere Options  5 or 7 Ampere (A) (switch selectable)
 Charging Time  1hour 20min (5A)  /  1 hour (7A) = 2hour 40min (5A)  /  2 hour (7A) with CELLINK-B
 *Usage time (discharging)  single channel = 68Hrs  /  dual channel = 38Hrs / When Combined with CELLINK-B
 Battery Type  Lithium-iron (LiFePo4) Samsung
 LED  Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
 Dimensions  139mm x 125mm x 45mm (same size as CELLINK-B)
 Weight  ~970grams
 Operating Temperature  -10 ~ 70’C (Celsius)
 Country of Origin  Korea (South)
 Warranty  12 Months in Australia

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