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Infrared Driver Facing Camera

Dual 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam

Front and In-Cabin Recording

Rideshare/Fleet/Truck use

Sony STARVIS Sensor (front cam)

Angle of View – 139° Front /145° In-cabin

70°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

60FPS option in Sport/Extreme Mode

In-built Wi-Fi & GPS

Enhanced Night Vision

Cloud Compatibility – Remote Access

BlackVue Viewer – MAC & PC Compatible

Supports up to 256GB Micro SD Card*

2 Year Camera Warranty

 Included 32GB Micro SD Card

Upgrade Memory Card


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The BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR version is an excellent ridesharing Dash Cam from BlackVue. The DR750S-2CH IR model contains 2 cameras, one to record the road ahead and one smaller infrared camera to record inside the cabin. The DR750S-2CH IR version is a performance based Dash Cam that has been refined and improved to showcase some of the best features BlackVue currently has to offer. The elegance and functionality you expect from BlackVue is maintained, like inbuilt Wi-Fi, inbuilt GPS and cloud compatibility. The BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR Dash Cam comes with a 2 year camera warranty and a 12 month warranty on accessories.

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR version is the most effective solution for monitoring/recording in-cabin behaviour. Both cameras record in 1080P FULL HD while the front camera contains the Sony STARVIS sensor and can record at 60FPS for extra smooth videos. The separate in-cabin camera is mounted on the front windscreen facing inside the cabin and utilises infrared lights to enhance dim/dark cabin footage. The in-cabin facing camera also has a wide angle of view at 145° for maximum coverage inside the cabin.

This is a popular Dash Cam choice for the passenger transport industry as it provides transport drivers with a high level of protection. Passenger behaviour can be monitored and recorded by the in-cabin facing camera. Fleet operators also benefit from the DR750S-2CH IR Dash Cam as driver behaviour can be recorded and monitored. Poor and dangerous driver behaviour will be recorded thus reducing the risks associated with careless driving. Knowing you are being recorded by a Dash Cam ensures you put on your best driving behaviour.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS speed and location tracking, BlackVue “Over The Cloud” compatibility for remote access (additional costs) and automatic Parking Surveillance Mode, the BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR version offers drivers confidence while on the road.

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR Dash Cam is a popular Dash Cam choice for Uber drivers, truck/fleet drivers and the like.

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*Note: Most third party Micro SD cards are not recommended for use in Blackvue Dash Cams. Only BlackVue compatible MicroSD cards should be used in BlackVue Dash Cams. Non-compatible Micro SD cards can adversely affect a BlackVue Dash Cams performance. There are two Micro SD card options to choose from 1. BlackVue genuine Micro SD card 2. BlackVue compatible Micro SD card which are approved and extensively tested by BlackVue Australia.

*Front to rear connection cable is 1.5m long




Frames per Second

Working Temperature

Memory Card

Special Features


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