Abee Wireless Car Charging Cradle


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Wirelessly Charges Qi Compatible Phones

Automatic Sensor Holding Arms

No Manual Tightening required

Plugs into USB Power Port

1m USB Cable included

DIY installation

Durable ABS Polymer Construction

Protective Silicone Pads

Windscreen Mount Bracket

Vertical Air Vent Bracket

1 Year Warranty

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Abee are a multi-functional device manufacturer that have been producing consumer electronic items including Dash Cams for over 20 years. After our team visited the Abee factory, the production quality and quality control exceeded our expectations. Abee are a multi-national, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who produce products for many Dash Cam brands. Many brands purchase Abee products and sell them under their own label which is testament to Abee’s reputation, production scales and reliability. We have partnered with Abee to become the sole distributor in Australia giving us access to their quality range.  Our focus with Abee was to seek and offer Australian customers reliable units, ease of use, simplicity, great specs and an affordable price point. 

We normally don’t stock items un-related to Dash Cams, but after using these awesome wireless phone chargers ourselves, we had to make them accessible to the public. In the bin went the old, manual adjustment phone holders and chargers.

The best features of the Abee WH-01 Wireless Charging Cradle include:

  1. Automatically lock and dock your phone with one hand – the Abee WH-01 automatically senses when you place your phone on the dock. The motorised holding arms automatically tighten to secure your phone. Gone are the days of pushing and clicking your phone into a holder or manually tightening and untightening the holding arms. When you want to remove your phone from the WH-01 cradle, simply touch the sensor button and the holding arms automatically loosen.
  2. Faster 15W wireless charging for Qi compatible smartphones. The WH-01 simply plugs into a USB port for power and wirelessly chargers your phone without any plugs in the phone. The included 1m USB power cable is QC3.0 rated for faster charging.
  3. Various DIY mounting options. Included is a suction mount for windscreen attachment and an air vent mount for clamping onto vertical air vent fins. The clever stabilizer arm prevents movement of the system while driving.
  4. Durable and UV resistant ABS polymer material. The WH-01 cradle resists the heat and UV rays from the sun allowing it to be left in the car day in day out. Protective and gentle silicone pads are used on areas that contact the phone.

The Abee charging cradle provides effortless phone docking and fast wireless charging. The automatic sensor locking arms provide the perfect fit and hold every time. Simply place your phone in the holder and away you go. Your phone is secured and charging – no fuss, no twisting, no tightening and no plugging in cords.


1. Some phone cases may inhibit wireless charging capabilities

2. This charger is designed to be plugged directly into a USB socket in the car. If plugging into a USB cig lighter adaptor, it is recommend that a QC3.0 rated cig lighter adaptor is used


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