Abee V73GH-2CH Dash Cam

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Dual 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam


Novatek NTK96675 Processor

Dual 155° Ultra Wide Angle of View

Supercapacitor Reliability

70°C Heat Resistance – Quality Build

Larger f/1.8 Lens Apertures

 WDR Enhancement

In-Built GPS Processor

One-Push Emergency File Locking Button

Snapshot button

Supports up to 128GB Micro SD card

Included Suction + Adhesive Mount

Included 32GB Micro SD card

1 Year Warranty



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Abee are a multi-functional device manufacturer that have been producing consumer electronic items including Dash Cams for over 20 years. After our team visited the Abee factory, the production quality and quality control exceeded our expectations. Abee are a multi-national, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who produce products for many Dash Cam brands. Many brands purchase Abee products and sell them under their own label which is testament to Abee’s reputation, production scales and reliability. We have partnered with Abee to become the sole distributor in Australia giving us access to their quality range.  Our focus with Abee was to seek and offer Australian customers reliable units, ease of use, simplicity, great specs and an affordable price point. 

The Abee V73GH-2CH is a high quality, no-frills front and rear Dash Cam offering. The V73GH-2CH caters for customers looking for a simple and reliable front and rear model without any mucking around.

The Abee V73GH-2CH will be best suited to those customers looking for:

-Front and rear recording

-LCD screen

-Straight forward, basic model with essential features

-Quality unit without the high dual camera price point

-Recording only while driving but don’t need/want parking mode recording

-Easy installation and setup


The most notable features of the Abee V73GH-2CH Dash Cam include:

  1. DUAL 1080P FULL HD Resolution + DUAL Sony Starvis sensors in front and rear + Novatek processor – these are high end pieces of hardware built into a cost effective camera
  2. Equipped with DUAL large f/1.8 lens apertures + WDR (wide dynamic range) functionality. The large f/1.8 lens apertures complement the Sony Starvis sensor by allowing maximum light to flood into and reach the sensor and improving video quality.
  3. Ultra Wide DUAL 155° angle of view to ensure you have maximum coverage and video evidence around your car, both front and back.
  4. Super-capacitors are used rather than lithium ion batteries to improve heat resistance and heat durability.
  5. Built-in GPS module which imprints the vehicle speed onto the footage (this can be turned off if not desirable).
  6. Large 128GB Micro SD card capacity
  7. Tactile, one-push SOS button – quickly and easily lock and protect important video files from loop recording. You always have the important files saved on the SD card at the touch of a button.
  8. Snapshot button – quickly take a photo of what is front of you by pressing the handy snapshot button
  9. Durable cables – Abee have chosen to use 7 signal ethernet cables for durability and improved data transmission quality between the front and rear cameras. The cable is thicker than normal, however is more durable and less prone to pinching and compression on the wires.
  10. Newer “Y-cable” design – Normally with a front and rear unit, there are 2 cables protruding from the front camera. One being the power cord and the other being the front to rear cable. Abee have improved on this and have introduced a Y-cable system whereby only one cable protrudes from the front camera. This cable then splits off into the power cord and front to rear cord. Refer to the schematic below.
  11. All inclusive accessories – Abee have included both a suction mount and a 3M double sided adhesive mount. Also included is a 32GB Micro SD card to get you going straight out of the box.

The Abee V73GH-2CH is the ideal front and rear Dash Cam for those wanting to purely record while driving, and still expect high quality performance and durability.

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1. Recommended Micro SD Card = Genuine Samsung EVO PLUS (click here for Micro SD card information)

2. Do NOT use any SANDISK branded Micro SD card in a Dash Cam, it will cause functional and physical problems and will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty*


What’s in the box?

1. Included front to rear connection cable is 7m long. Optional 3m extension cable available as an add-on

2. Suction mount is also included




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