Our Most Popular Front and Rear Dash Cams compared back to back

Here they are! Our most popular front and rear recording models with important specs compared back to back.

Each Dash Cam is good in its own right and each has its own strong points.

So why do customers buy one over the other? Here are some of the summarised reasons:

Why go the FineVu LX2000-2CH?

No-brainer for a front and rear Dash Cam with a screen.

Fuss-free, LCD touchscreen, easy set up and operation, no need to connect the camera to your phone and use an App.

Most popular choice for the non-tech savvy customer and customers who like to see a live vision on the screen.

Cost effective price with excellent reliability, all the features you need to record while driving and parked and with a 2 year warranty.


Why go the BlackVue DR750S-2CH?

The most advanced model in terms of app and software player functionality, and the most customisable in terms of settings.

Dual SONY STARVIS sensors for better video quality.

Multiple video quality enhancement options – exclusive 60FPS recording option and also sports and extreme mode recording options. These options can boost video quality and clarity.

Cleanest and best design.

2-year camera warranty.


Why go the Lukas QR790-2CH?

Robust, well built unit.

Largest 512GB Micro SD card capacity so more storage before the card fills up and loops over.

Hardwire cable (for parking mode recording) included in the price.

10 second pre-buffer in parking mode (records 10 seconds before a motion or impact trigger to capture more of the lead up to an incident).

Highest temperature resistance model.

2-year camera warranty.


Why go the Lukas AR790-2CH?

Largest 512GB Micro SD card capacity so more storage before the card fills up and loops over.

Hardwire cable included in the price.

Good mid range unit with Sony sensors front and rear.

Front camera has a tamper case optional accessory to prevent drivers from tampering with the power cord or sd card.

2-year camera warranty.


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