Our 2019 Dash Cam Recommendations & Top Picks

2019 will be another standout year for Dash Cam use in Australia. On all media platforms throughout 2018, we noticed the largest increase in attention on Dash Cam use. We expect this attention and awareness on the benefits of Dash Cams to be even more widespread this year. The most significant attention on the benefits of Dash Cams is in the following areas:

1. Road rage incidents – drivers are becoming more frustrated, more impatient and angrier on our roads. Unfortunately, day to day living and work pressures are being exacerbated and vented on our roads. People generally put on their best behaviour if they know they are being recorded by a Dash Cam.

2. Increase in car accidents – listen to the traffic alerts on peak hour radio, road accidents are on the rise. This causes increased road congestion, increased driver frustration and increased insurance costs. It is a vicious cycle.

3. Dangerous driving behaviour – mobile phone use, driver distraction, drugs and alcohol are all affecting driver behaviour and our safety on the road. Everyday we assist customers in purchasing a Dash Cam because they are sick of the “bloody idiots” on our road. Dash Cam footage can be used to track down drivers doing stupid things around you.

Everyone’s driving is potentially being recorded by Dash Cams which can keep drivers honest and ultimately our roads safer. Should you be involved in an unfortunate incident, your Dash Cam footage will help protect your innocence and your good driving behaviour. Maybe your Dash Cam will record footage of an incident you aren’t involved in. Your footage could be provided to assist an innocent driver involved the accident, particularly if other witnesses drive off. Benefits for everyone!

4. Media attention – Australian Dash Cam footage is now shown daily on the news and other media platforms. It is, unfortunately, becoming the norm to see stupid and avoidable accidents occurring far too often.

5. Police Appeals for Dash Cam footage – pretty much after any severe incident on our roads, police appeal for Dash Cam footage from the public. This highlights the important evidence that Dash Cams provide road accident investigators. Not only does the Dash Cam footage assist with road incidents, police appeal for Dash Cam footage to investigate other crimes like assaults, vandalism, robberies etc…

This year we welcome a new addition to the Dash Cams Australia product range. We are excited to be working exclusively alongside Dash Cam manufacturer LUKAS to bring Australian drivers extremely well built and feature packed 1 & 2-channel Dash Cam options – the Lukas QVIA range.

If you have been putting off getting a Dash Cam, make 2019 the year you install one. Dash Cam footage not only benefits yourself but everyone else on our roads.

So which Dash Cams should you be looking at 2019?





Throughout 2019 the Lukas QVIA QR790 has impressed us the most. Since 2018 it has shown the best long term performance and reliability and the build quality has impressed us the most.

The Lukas QVIA QR790 confidently differentiates itself from most other Dash Cams by boasting 1440P QUAD HD resolution + 5.5 MP lens + the SONY STARVIS sensor.

It has the highest temperature resistance ratings of all the Dash Cam models we have ever sold and the build quality is the best we have seen so far.

The renown Ambarella A12 processor is the “brains” of the unit and is the smartest processor available in a Dash Cam. Performance and reliability is impressive.

The Lukas QVIA QR790 Dash Cam comes included with the Lukas Hardwire Cable (RRP $35.00) to enable parking mode recording and a UV lens filter which protects the lens from sun damage.

For longer recording times it can take upto a massive 512GB Micro SD card which is 4 x times the storage capabilities of most 128GB capacity Dash Cams on the market.

The Lukas QVIA QR790 comes in both a 1CH (front recording) and 2CH (front and rear recording) model to suit either need.

We love it and have fitted out most our work vehicles with this model!

If you would prefer to have a screen on the front camera, then the brother model Lukas K900 is for you. The screen allows you to change settings and watch video files directly on the unit itself AND you can turn the screen into a digital speedometer while driving. The K900 also has Wi-Fi so you can still pair it to your smartphone and use the Lukas APP.

The Lukas QVIA QR790 Dash Cams are now a 2019 BEST SELLER. Have a read why at our dedicated blog article by clicking here

Both the Lukas QR790 and K900 are available in a 1CH and 2CH version. Check out the Lukas Dash Cam range by clicking here



The BlackVue DR900S Dash Cam records at the highest resolution and is the highest performing Dash Cam in the BlackVue range. The 4K UHD resolution + 8MP front camera produces some of the clearest and sharpest daytime footage on the Dash Cam market. Great design, great features and a 2-year warranty make the BlackVue DR900S a premium pick.

The BlackVue DR750S is a lower price point BlackVue option which records at a reduced 1080P FULL HD resolution + 2.1MP lens. Over the DR900S however, it uses SONY STARVIS sensors which produce excellent video quality at 1080P FULL HD. We find that the nightitme video quality is actually better on the DR750S because of the STARVIS sensor. It enhances any available light much more effectively. The rear cameras on the DR900S and DR750S are identical and apart part from the front camera video quality differences, the features and functionality are pretty much identical.

The DR750S is a better seller of the two, most likely because of the lower price point and the great all round day and night video quality.

Both the BlackVue DR900S and BlackVue DR750S Dash Cams come in a 1CH and 2CH version to suit your needs.

Check out the BlackVue Dash Cam range by clicking here






The Lukas QVIA AR790 is an exceptional Dash Cam in the lower price point range. It is a 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam which offers excellent features like a SONY EXMOR sensor for excellent video quality, Wi-Fi and inbuilt GPS. The free Lukas smartphone App and PC Viewer are both functional and intuitive.

The Lukas build quality is exceptional and the compact design makes it one of our smallest and most discreet Dash Cams.

The reliability and temperature resistance ratings are the same if not better than most premium models on the market.

Like its premium older brother, the Lukas QVIA QR790, it too has the Ambarella A12 processor.

For those customers wanting longer recording times it can take a massive 512GB Micro SD card which is double the storage capabilities of most 128GB Dash Cams on the market.

The Lukas QVIA AR790 comes in both a 1CH (front recording) and 2CH (front and rear recording) model.

The Lukas QVIA AR790 Dash Cam is fast becoming a fleet Dash Cam favourite for use in long haul trucks.

Check out the Lukas Dash Cam range by clicking here



DOD 512G

We understand some buyers don’t want the highest spec Dash Cam. They simply want reliability, effortless recording and quality footage, that is it!

For buyers looking for a more affordable front recording option, our current recommendation is the entry-level DOD 512G. Don’t be concerned by the words entry-level as this Dash Cam doesn’t compromise on quality or features.

The DOD 512G Dash Cam is the new workhorse, go-to Dash Cam that does everything you want your Dash Cam to do, plus more.

This is a confident Dash Cam backed by 1080P Full HD resolution, a large f/1.6 lens aperture, the highest 12800 ISO sensitivity on the market and the impressive Sony EXMOR sensor. The combination of these features produce some of the most enhanced and detailed footage under day and nighttime driving conditions.

The high speed, in-built 10Hz GPS processor refreshes data 10 times per second to track and imprint vehicle speed and location with minimal lag. The Heads Up Display (HUD) feature allows the screen to be used as a digital speedometer. In-built G-sensor for Impact Detection, high 65° heat resistance and 145° Wide Angle of View all come as standard.

DOD has you covered. The DOD 512G Dash Cam is supplied with all inclusive accessories including – suction mount, adhesive mount, inbuilt GPS module, CPL filter and 16GB Micro SD card. Everything you need to start recording straight out of the box.

The DOD 512G is one of the best entry-level Dash Cam packages going around for the price. Impressive features, impeccable build quality and all inclusive accessories including CPL filter, 2 mounts and Micro SD card.

Click here to have a read of our dedicated blog article on the features and benefits of the DOD 512G Dash Cam


A Dash Cam with a reliable and intuitive Parking Surveillance Mode is becoming the fastest growing requirement of our customers.

We have created a dedicated page listing our Top Parking Mode Dash Cams which have the most reliable and intuitive parking mode features. Check them out by clicking here.

The Dash Cams listed all have pre-buffered parking mode recording which is essential for capturing the lead-up to an incident while parked. They also have customisable motion/impact sensitivities and motion detection areas to tailor the performance and settings to your needs.

The Lukas Dash Cam range has an awesome 10 second pre-buffer while the BlackVue Dash Cam range has a shorter 5 second pre-buffer.

If you want the largest storage capacity for extended parking mode recording, the Lukas QVIA and K900 Dash Cam range can take up to a massive 512GB compatible Micro SD card.

To easily compare these models, check out our comparison table by clicking here.

For a general explanation of Dash Cam parking mode and how it works, have a read of our parking mode article by clicking here.



There you have our top picks for 2019. Please check in regularly on our website or facebook page to keep up to date with any new models or updates on Dash Cams under testing.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or info@dashcamsaustralia.com.au or chat with us live on our LIVE CHAT tab on the site. We are more than happy to answer any questions or assist you with a Dash Cam recommendation.

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