September 2017 has been a popular month for Dash Cam releases with three new models to hit the Australian market. Those looking for a spring Dash Cam upgrade should check these models out first.



Vicovation have had a spring birth with a new sibling for the extremely successful OPIA 2.  The Vicovation OPIA 1 is the latest Vicovation model to hit the shelves.

Vicovation definitely hit the mark with the OPIA 2 but understand not all users want the top of the range models with ultra high recording resolution. Vicovation also haven’t had a Wi-Fi enabled camera in their range for years now and thought it was time to re-enter that section of the market.

The Vicovation OPIA 1 is a pumped up 1080P FULL HD Dash Cam. The OPIA 1 is designed and engineered from the same reliable and dependable backbone of the OPIA 2 . It maintains the same shape, size and unmatched reliability.

The most notable difference included in the OPIA 1 is Wi-Fi connectivity to your smartphone via the Vicovation OPIAViewer App. The App is compatible on both iOS and Android based smartphones. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows the user to change camera settings and view/stream video files directly on their smartphone. This provides the user a 3rd viewing option. Video files can now be viewed on either a computer, on the OPIA 1 LCD screen and on your smartphone.


  1. 1080P FULL HD Resolution + SONY STARVIS SENSOR – crisp, clear and vibrant video quality, day and night. The new SONY STARVIS sensor is specifically designed with ultra high light sensitivity for low light enhancement. The SONY STARVIS sensor not only produces vibrant and crisp daytime clarity, it is also beneficial for night time driving or utilising the Parking Surveillance Mode at night.
  1. The OPIA 1 is equipped with the largest lens aperture (f/1.4) found in a Dash Cam. This allows maximum light to flood into and reach the SONY STARVIS sensor. Low light enhancement and clarity is exceptional.
  1. Flexibility to record at 1080P FULL HD at 60fps (frames per second). This creates moving footage that is smoother and cleaner than at 30FPS. Motion blur is reduced improving fast moving details and licence plate recognition.
  1. 70°C Operational Temperature Resistance + 85°C Storage Temperature Resistance –  OPIA 1 is ultra dependable and doesn’t play up in a hot car.
  2. Supercapacitor for long lasting reliability in the heat.
  3. One-Touch Emergency Record/SOS button – quickly and easily lock and protect the current video file from loop recording. You always have the important files saved on the SD card at the touch of a button.
  4. One of the smallest and most discreet Dash Cams on the market – neat fitment, stealthy and less distraction on your windscreen.
  5. Automatic Parking Surveillance Mode with optional Time-Lapse feature to further monitor & protect your car while you are away (Power Plus Hardwire Kit required). Time Lapse is a great option for busy car parks to reduce the stop/start recording by traditional motion detection.

If you are looking for an all round performer, with great video quality and dependability, the Vicovation OPIA 1 is a good match.

The Wi-Fi flexibility and small form factor make the OPIA 1 an attractive choice.


BLACKVUE DR750S Series (1CH & 2CH)

With the introduction of many dual 1080P Dash Cams in 2017, BlackVue were quick to respond with the new DR750S range.

The new BlackVue DR750S Dash Cam range is the re-invented successor to the popular DR650S range. The DR750S series is a high performance release that has been refined and improved to showcase some of the best features BlackVue currently has to offer. The elegance and functionality you expect from BlackVue has been maintained, like inbuilt Wi-Fi, inbuilt GPS and cloud compatibility.

BlackVue have released a new 2CH and 1CH DR750S model which show some nice refinements over the DR650S models.


  1. Dual 1080P – BlackVue have traditionally recorded in the rear at 720P HD resolution. Rear camera footage of the DR750S-2CH has vastly improved.
  2. SONY STARVIS sensors. Both front and rear cameras of the DR750S-2CH now incorporate the new SONY STARVIS sensor for exceptional video quality, especially under low light conditions. BlackVue have added an Enhanced Night Vision option, which can further boost brightness under low light conditions.
  3. Front cameras have a 60fps option. In “Sports Mode” recording, the front camera can record at 60fps for smoother video quality. Motion blur is reduced to enable you to pick up details like license plates on moving vehicles easier.
  4. Wider angle of view. The DR750S range now has a wider 139° angle of view to pick up more of your surroundings.
  5. Higher operational temperature resistance at 70°C to reduce issues in the heat.
  6. Faster processor. This impacts almost everything, including faster booting, rebooting, shut down, Wi-Fi downloads and firmware updates.
  7. Event File Overwrite Protection. Important files can now be locked and protected from loop recording.
  8. Overhauled Motion Detection Sensitivity in Parking Mode. Motion Detection has been improved to reduce “false activation” like moving trees or bird. This will save power and storage space.
  9. Buffered Parking Mode to record action before and after a motion trigger. This helps to capture the lead up to a parking mode event.
  10. 2 year warranty

For further information on these new models please check out the product pages (Vicovation click here)/(BlackVue click here) or contact us for further specifics.

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