DOD Dash Cams – The Popular 1CH / LCD Screen Models Compared Back to Back

DOD (Dream of Digit-Tech) is one of the most innovative Dash Cam manufacturers in the world. With a quality range of single-channel Dash Cams, dual-channel Dash Cams and a dedicated Motorbike camera, DOD are one of the market leaders in Dash Cam technology. The DOD Dash Cam range offers user friendly units with exceptional build quality and reliability. DOD Dash Cams incorporate the largest lens apertures on the market for exceptional recording clarity, the highest ISO values for low light enhancement and the fastest GPS data update rates for better accuracy. The integrated LCD screens allow user friendly operation while their neat design fits discreetly on the windscreen. Impact Detection, one-touch Emergency Record/SOS button, WDR technology and Custom Text features all come as standard. DOD Dash Cams, with their market leading technologies, are great performers under all driving conditions.

The DOD Dash Cam range covers all bases and most popular are the one-channel (1CH) LCD screen models. DOD have dominated the LCD screen Dash Cam market for years. Their LCD Dash Cam range offers all 3 classes of Dash Cam for every budget and requirement – premium, mid-range and entry level. Regardless of the class though, all DOD Dash Cams are build to the same exceptional quality standards and are a proven and trusted performer while recording out on the road.

The table below summarises and compares the essential and useful features of the most popular DOD 1CH/LCD screen Dash Cams. As can be seen, the DOD LCD screen range offers impressive features and specs across the board. Of particular note is the large lens apertures, quality sensors, high ISO values and affordable price points…..just to mention a few.

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*Note: FS300 has now changed name to FS460

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