Become An Authorised Dealer for Dash Cams Australia

Is your company ready to expand into the exciting market of Dash Cams? Are you looking to increase your company’s product offering through a new line of cutting edge technology products? Are you ready to learn about this fast growing market which provides safety video recording equipment for fleet operators? Then maybe it’s time you partnered with Dash Cams Australia. Dash Cams Australia is proud to be a market leader in the Dash Cam industry. Our commitment to high quality products and excellent customer service have allowed our company to lead the way in the sales of these important safety products. Dash Cams Australia offers customers significant savings on their business expenses. With the small initial investment in these high quality cameras, they can monitor the driving situations of their employees and protect their fleet from devastating losses due to accidents and theft. Each year our customers who are major fleet operators return to do repeat business with Dash Cams Australia thanks to all the benefits our products provide them. Our well-trained staff are experts in this field and we offer the information and service that makes our customers feel secure and confident in their purchase.

The many and varying benefits of Dash Cams include:

  • clear recorded data in the event of an accident
  • undeniable identification of the cause and consequences in the event of an accident
  • identification of the culprit in the case of a hit and run or theft
  • automatic and continuous video and audio recording in all situations
  • an effective training tool to promote road safety and efficiency
  • peace of mind while you are away from your vehicle
  • more efficient management of your employees and your fleet

Connecting the information about the benefits of Dash Cams to our potential customers is the backbone of Dash Cams Australia. Our network of authorised dealers and distributors are important to us in achieving our goal of helping drivers perform every day to the best of their abilities while delivering products that offer clear, bottom line results. We are committed to carrying only a line of the highest quality products available and to delivering real excellence in customer service. These ideals have made Dash Cams Australia the best option for those looking to install Dash Cams in all their vehicles. If you’re looking to expand your business into this market, we are interested in partnering with you.

As one of our partners you will receive:

  • Access to the full range of quality Dash Cams we carry
  • Marketing material including brochures, stands, posters etc.
  • Full Warranty support, replacement and/or repairs
  • Staff technical support

If you wish to apply: If you are interested in taking us up on this opportunity and becoming a Dash Cams Australia authorised distributor, please contact us:

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Dash Cams Australia
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