Dash Cam Newcomers in 2020 – FineVU & Abee Introduction

The second half of 2020 welcomes two new Dash Cam brands into our range and into the Australian market. The Abee and FineVu names would be fresh to most Australian Dash Cam users however both companies have been making Dash Cams and electronic items for close to a decade.

Since the end of 2019 we have been testing their Dash Cams and have introduced the first round of Dash Cams we see fit for the average Australian driver.

We have specifically sourced Dash Cams that respond to a very common request we receive. Since mid 2019 more and more customers have been asking for lower price point and more user friendly or “fuss-free” Dash Cams. These are valid requests as we have noticed many Dash Cam manufacturers are moving away from the good old screen integrated cameras and are focussing on more high end, “fancy” Dash Cams. This is fine for customers looking for these features, there is a market for them, however not all customers want/need things like 4K recording, cloud features or Wi-Fi pairing.

We understand not everyone can justify spending a large amount of money on a Dash Cam. That is fine and understandable. There is a large chunk of the market that want basic, reliable Dash Cams that record in a fuss free way while on the road.

Dash Cams that have a screen are generally easier and faster to set up and operate. Many Wi-Fi operated Dash Cams (without screens) have poor Apps and compatibility to hundreds of smartphones on the market. When the smartphone companies update software, the Dash Cam manufacturers scramble to update their apps for compatibility, this can take time. Most high quality Dash Cam brands like BlackVue and Lukas have fantastic Wi-Fi cameras, however many don’t. If this sounds like all too much mucking around for a Dash Cam, then a screen model is for you.

It is difficult finding reliable, lower price point Dash Cams. There are many on the market for cheap prices. We have tested many and the performance is not up to scratch. Many cheap Dash Cams are made in generic electronic factories and 3rd party company logos are printed on these generic units. Low quality builds, low quality components (especially cheap lithium ion batteries that pop in a hot car) and low quality support come hand in hand with cheap Dash Cams.

We only like to deal with Dash Cam manufacturers that operate their own factories and production lines. This gives them control over R&D, production, quality and customer support.

This is how Abbe and FineVu came to be. Good quality units, fit for purpose features and keeping the prices down. We value their commitment to producing simple and reliable Dash Cams and sticking to the basic requirements and functionality of a Dash Cam. They do the basics and they do them well.



The Abee V57Gs was introduced to cater for the “school drop-off” journeys and the “short distance to work/supermarket” journeys. This requirement doesn’t need anything fancy. The Abee V57Gs starts and stops recording automatically when the engine turns on and off. It records the journey and that is it. Easy.

If you need to watch a video file, pop the sd card into your computer, double click a video file and there is the footage. Easy.

Click here to check out the Abee V57Gs product page

The beauty about the Abee V57Gs can be summarised below:

  1. 1080P FULL HD Resolution + the quality Sony Starvis sensor + Novatek processor – these are high end pieces of hardware built into a well priced camera.
  2. Equipped with a large f/1.8 lens aperture + WDR (wide dynamic range) functionality. The large f/1.8 lens aperture complements the Sony Starvis sensor by allowing maximum light to flood into and reach the sensor and improving video quality.
  3. Ultra Wide 155° angle of view to ensure you have maximum coverage and video evidence around your car.
  4. Super-capacitors are used rather than lithium ion batteries to improve heat resistance and heat durability.
  5. Built-in GPS module which imprints the vehicle speed onto the footage (this can be turned off if not desirable).
  6. Large 128GB Micro SD card capacity which can hold approx 28 hours of total video files before filling up and looping over.
  7. Tactile, one-push SOS button – quickly and easily lock and protect important video files from loop recording. You always have the important files saved on the SD card at the touch of a button.
  8. Snapshot button – quickly take a photo of what is front of you by pressing the handy snapshot button
  9. Small and compact Dash Cam body – neat and tidy fitment on your windscreen. The mounts are also small and short for neater placement on the windscreen.
  10. All inclusive accessories – Abee have included both a suction mount and a 3M double sided adhesive mount. Also included is a 16GB Micro SD card to get you going straight out of the box.

The Abee V57Gs is a simple, fit for purpose Dash Cam for those customers wanting a no fuss, set and forget Dash Cam.



   FINEVU LX2000

The FineVu LX2000 Dash Cam range would be considered the next step up from the Abee V57Gs.

FineVu’s trademark is producing cost effective, LCD touchscreen Dash Cams with intuitive features and ease of use. FineVu back their products with a 24 month camera warranty (12 month warranty on accessories).

If you like the Abee V57Gs but want to also record while parked, the LX2000 Dash Cams offers the added feature of parking mode with motion and impact detection.

The FineVu LX2000 is a great “bang for your buck” Dash Cam model presenting great all round features for the price.

Customers looking for a screen Dash Cam will appreciate the LCD touchscreen, the ease of use and the no gimmick approach of FineVU.

The FineVu LX2000 range comes in a front and rear model and front only model.

Click here to check out the FineVu LX2000 Dash Cam range

The attractive features of the LX2000 Dash Cams include:

  1. 1080P FULL HD Resolution + quality CMOS sensor + Allwinner V3 processor – these are high end pieces of hardware built into a well priced camera.
  2. Ultra Wide 155° front angle of view to ensure you have maximum coverage and video evidence around your car.
  3. Clear, High Resolution IPS LCD Touchscreen – perfect for those drivers who like a screen on their Dash Cam. A screen gives the mental reassurance that the camera is ON and recording and the angle adjustment is correct all the time. The screen also allows for easy menu navigation and camera set-up.
  4. Super-capacitors are used rather than lithium ion batteries to excel in heat resistance and heat durability.
  5. Pre-buffered Parking Mode recording. The FineVU LX2000-2CH Dash Cam records 20 second parking mode files when triggered by either motion and/or impact. The parking mode files are recorded 5 seconds before the trigger and 15 seconds after the trigger capturing some of the important lead up to the event. The motion detection sensitivity & G-sensor impact sensitivity can also be tailored when in parking mode depending on your particular needs. *Parking mode operation requires installation of the FineVu hardwire cable into the fusebox (can be selected when adding product to cart)
  6. On-screen Parking Mode Summary. When you re-enter the car from parking mode, a parking mode summary pops up on the screen. This tells you how many motion and impact files were recorded while parked so you can check for any damage on the spot.
  7. Dedicated Folder System on the Micro SD card. The LX2000 intuitively stores the driving, parking and event video files in their own folder on the Micro SD card. This means you can navigate your required file much easier.
  8. Large 128GB Micro SD card capacity
  9. One-Touch SOS button – quickly and easily create an important emergency file. When the emergency button is pressed, a 20 second file (5 second before the press and 15 seconds after the press) is separately saved in an emergency folder for easy finding later on.
  10. Inclusive accessories – FineVU have included the external GPS antenna which imprints the vehicle speed onto the footage (this can be turned off if not desirable). Also included is a high endurance Samsung 32GB Micro SD card to get you recording straight out of the box.

We consider the LX2000-2CH Dash Cam to be an excellent all round performer, with a friendly LCD touchscreen interface. The FineVu LX2000-2CH offers daily reliability, fuss-free features and easy, intuitive operation.

If you have any further enquiries or would like more assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9350 2605 or info@dashcamsaustralia.com.au or chat with us live on our LIVE CHAT tab on the site. We are more than happy to answer any questions or assist you with a Dash Cam recommendation.

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